Golf for Beginners: How to Start Playing Golf

One of the greatest things about golf is that it’s one of the few sports you can pick up and get great at no matter your age. Sure, golf is a difficult sport, but don’t let that intimidate you. If you have the initial interest and some time to put aside to practice you could be playing at some of the world’s most beautiful courses in no time.

Let’s take a look at some great tips for how to start playing golf for beginners that will have you tearing down the fairways in no time. 

Get to the Driving Range

Learning to swing a golf club is the foundation of golf. Before you go out and spend your hard-earned cash on full golfing attire, a shiny new set of golf clubs, and hiring a caddy, it’s probably best that you head over to the nearest driving range first.

Most ranges will allow you to hire clubs there, or you could borrow from a friend. As this is your first step into the golfing world there’s no point buying a full set just yet. If borrowing clubs isn’t an option then just having a driver and a sand wedge would be enough to start mastering your swing.

Take Some Lessons

Once you’re familiar with hitting golf balls, why not get a professional to assess and improve your technique. Taking golf lessons will ensure that you have a solid foundation to build upon. Group lessons are an awesome way to find future golfing buddies to play with.

Golf lessons can also be a great way to learn your way around a golf course without the worry of holding other golfers up as you play. Not to mention a reliable introduction to golf rules and etiquette. 

Get Kitted Out

By now you’ll know whether or not golf is the sport for you, so if you’re enjoying your lessons and getting the hang of things its time to get geared up. Most companies offer ‘starter sets’ that will give you a full set of clubs at an affordable price. Alternatively, you could try your luck on second-hand sets of clubs.

You can save money by buying recycled golf balls, and don’t forget to make sure you have a pair of golf shoes as well as golf-appropriate apparel to ensure they let you on the course. 

Get on a Course

Now you’ve had time to practice your swing and your putting its time to take your game to a golf course. Pitch and putt as well as other smaller golf courses are great places to start. You can search golf courses here to find a suitable golf course near you. 

Taking on a full 18 holes at the beginning of your golfing journey might be a bit too much so look for 9 hole or par 3 courses. Don’t worry about scoring at first, you’re out there to have fun and learn the game.

Enjoy Golf for Beginners

As with everything in learning, starting out from the beginning can either be fun and exciting or frustrating depending on how you approach it. Golf for beginners should be fun. Follow these first steps to get you started and enjoy your journey from the driving range to competitive games on a full 18 holes. 

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