Go bananas with these classic fruit-themed Slots games

Slots games have been around for years, but have come a long way since the Liberty Bell in the late 1800s. These days, many prefer to play Slots digitally, with online casinos showcasing vast numbers of games with varying themes. Whatever your interest, you’re bound to find a game worth playing, and Paddy’s gambling games list is endless. However, if you’re looking to hark back to a bygone era and play those games with their classic fruit symbols and lucky 7s, here are some of the titles you need to be playing.

Laser Fruit

If you love old-school gaming, you’ll love this retro slot, with its neon symbols and blue lasers. A five-reel, three-row slot with 243 pay-lines to begin with may seem a little basic, but just wait until those lasers shoot out and the reels expand… you’ll find over 60 million ways to win and the chance of winning up to 10,000x your original wager.

Play starts from £0.20, all the way up to the high stakes of £500, and amongst the symbols, you’ll find lemons, cherries, BARs and bells. The best standard symbol is the lucky 7 which could reward you with 25x your stake. However, where this game gets interesting is the random laser beams. They could strike at any point during gameplay, expanding the reels and offering the chance to win mega money.

If it’s free spins you’re after, this feature is decent. Land three or more of the bonus scatter symbol to unlock it and then spin the wheel to see how many free turns you get – anything up to 30. And bonus – if you’re playing the free spin feature with the expanded reels, your game remains in this mode rather than reverting back to the base-game.

Fruit Blox

We’re staying with neon colours with our next game, Fruit Blox. Play from as little as £0.10 and through the innovative ‘connected ways’ structure, win as much as 10,000x your original stake. This six-reel slot is certainly old-school with its BAR symbols, bells, cherries and oranges – and your luck will be in if you land those famous 7s.

The ‘connected ways’ feature is your route to success and all you need to do is secure three of the same symbol on the reels. It doesn’t matter where they land, it’s not just left-to-right wins you’ll be looking for, as long as they can be connected. Even better – land three or more of the ‘free spin’ icons and you’ll be rewarded with an extra 20 free spins, giving you even more opportunity to win big.

And if you’re not quite sold yet, Fruit Blox also features mega tiles. A bit like expanding wilds, these are double the size of regular symbols and allow you to make bigger connections to win even more money. In fact, it’s those giant lucky 7s that could see you become a winner of that juicy 10,000x jackpot!

Fruity Burst

We end with what looks like a greengrocer’s shop, with a weathered old seller on the right-hand side of the interface. This isn’t your traditional slot by any means but we had to include this for the fun factor. Play Fruity Burst from as little as £0.10, and with five reels and five rows, there are 25 pay-lines, but you won’t find wilds or scatters here. Instead, there are five fruity characters, each one with a name and a different assigned value. For sure, the apples, strawberries, oranges and grapes will do their best to keep your bankroll as healthy as possible – tasty.

The aim of the game is to create, at minimum, a five-line of matching symbols – whether that be vertical or horizontal – and the more you land, the more you win. Landing the right symbols in the right places at the right time could reward you with a pay-out of up to 5,000x your stake. One good feature of this game is the cascading symbols. As soon as you land a winning combination, those symbols will disappear and be replaced with new ones in the bid to create even more winning combinations.

If you’re new to Slots, this is a good game to begin with as it’s fairly simple and you’re just needing to match symbols, rather than play bonus games.