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  • A bit wordplay

    Nobody cares if you try to free yourself./
    When I show shank,you won't be able to redeem yourself./

    I hope that reference gives you that Jaz face.

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    Re: A bit wordplay

    Get wiped out like when a bitch clean herself,
    Arms up like some kids need the teacher's help....

    Just to keep it goin


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      Re: A bit wordplay

      I've got an infrared,ready to beam in stealth./
      Your dreads getting reswitched,without Keenan's help./


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        Re: A bit wordplay

        You'll sleep when it bucks dats dreams of wealth,
        My arms still up like I'm tryna reach a shelf


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          Re: A bit wordplay

          You need to chill a bit and try to scheme yourself./
          A smack to the face can cause a lucid dream as well./


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            Re: A bit wordplay

            The devil is a neat freak I'm clean as hell,
            My life in these bars like eternity in jail


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              Re: A bit wordplay

              You're ready to give up,don't try to beast yourself./
              I'm Thracian,so I'll be whipping on British kings and Celts./


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                Re: A bit wordplay

                Bring da belts I'm a champ I won't receive A L,
                I SEE in ya EYE A scared nigga like how Alicia's spelled

                A-L-I-C-I-A....dats how Alicia's spelled


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                  Re: A bit wordplay

                  I'mma spare you,but your girl will be the one to see shells.
                  Then I dump her on the beach around the sea shells.
                  Fuck it,I've actually meant that I'll dump her on the beach around The Seychelles.


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                    Re: A bit wordplay

                    U pissed on yourself & ran home u left a pee trail,
                    Because da tecs (text) I got don't go in an email,
                    U couldn't see (c) me wit t L



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                      Re: A bit wordplay

                      2muchBlood vs Dank............



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                        Re: A bit wordplay

                        Vs 2MUCHBLOOD

                        5 bars.. 10 lines


                        This is my opponent.. ya'll serious?
                        I'm curious why ya'll matched em with a lyricist
                        that'll stab him & leave "blood leaking" after this period...

                        I'm not the one to play with.. i'll kill you hoe
                        for real i'm dope, ya spirit up in heaven, do you feel the hope
                        with a mind full of god quotes, it's real you pope
                        My point is to the sky, did you see that u.f.o?..

                        but bro knew I smack clowns quick with max pound hits
                        so let us fight in this thing and you'll see a mike in the ring
                        no smack down skits....

                        pay attention to who you messing with geek
                        cause i'll shoot your body up if you stepping to me
                        i'm doing numbers in my hands like the vampire from sesame street

                        I barred you to death, gave you 3rd degree burns..
                        your bars are mediocre, when will you bitchs learn
                        that his lines goes up and down like the Scotty 2 Hotty Worm.


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                          Re: A bit wordplay

                          I'm a put u on da news & purposely change channels,
                          Story over...wit dis AK DN (d end) dats dank scrambled,
                          U egghead I wish u would step like a peg leg,
                          Like police issued weapons u get fed lead,
                          No bedspread u under dat sheet dats white,
                          Whoever face "2" faces death like dyin on Skype,
                          I been jumped off da porch goin ape shit,
                          U still a porch monkey I been in dat water nigga....slave ship,
                          I neva heard dank spit...mary jane could rap?
                          Dat bitch always gettin smoked where da papers at


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