18th Letter vs Grape Street

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  • 18th Letter vs Grape Street

    18th Letter

    Claim your lines coke, you a blizzard with the snow, but your memory clouded, you were a quick flurry/
    You never let it pile up and shoveled it, you’d rather flip hurried/
    You never even sold 10 dimes or 20-20’s, your hindsight a bit blurry/
    So when I JACK SON, they’ll have to patch him up for that NICK FURY/

    Cut out that gun talk too, you wouldn’t drop a case with a fixed jury/
    If I collide with Clyde, I’ll leave his bitch worried/
    I could ALTER your mind and your plans to get married/
    I’m CROSSING YOUR LINES, divorced into sides, so she could take half when that LEAD CARRIED/

    All your angles ate (8, octagon), it’s like I mixed Marshall’s arts with Tyson’s punches/
    Just point em out, you could DIE WRECKED (direct) like a compass/
    Or a fatal crash/
    Cuz I could leave him HOLLOW in this battle, I’ll drop WURDZ and make him PASS/

    It’s OKWERDZ how he follow up/
    Those are Coat tales (tails), I got him cut then I followed up like a doctor does/
    So it’s like your glass almost empty the way I just put a shot in your mug/
    I tore them polls (to’ dem polls, totem poles), I’ll keep your head and send your body above/

    Grape Street

    They gon say I ate 1-8/818 but this aint Fairy.
    Try to leave grape buried/berried… Ill plant 18 up on a silent hill my game scary.
    I already dumped that bitch… now Karma and your fate married.
    So ill erase your head for that blame your shame carry.
    In heaven… you could evolve but this relate to your nature.
    Everybody dies just keep faith in your savior.
    Thought you fly… get knocked out your frame with this aviator.
    Or Ill send my bitch to heat up your crib… that’s my lady with the radiator.
    She sing well… vision like medusa get him rocked when she bring hell.
    2 gauges get him pierced… apparent fear when that kid fell.
    But now my bitch shotgun after she spit shells.
    I gave her the OK and we got away… so I aint have to bail her/Baylor out for that “big 12”.
    Or I could come with a Texas Tec… long horn get your T X’d.
    As for YOUR bitch… the cans is/Kansas what I owe her/Iowa so she next.
    See what I state school… bringin 18 to the next level.
    This master don/mastodon send you to oblivion with that heavy metal.
    18th Letter (BODY)
    18th Letter (EDGE)
    Grape Street (EDGE)
    Grape Street (BODY)

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    Re: 18th Letter vs Grape Street

    Grape Street (BODY) 1 100.00%
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      Re: 18th Letter vs Grape Street

      Okay fuck the hate yo we probably the best 3 doing this right now 18 lets battle bro
      Originally posted by Lil Ill
      KVRMX is ducking me OMG!!! DEAD!!! KVRMX SUCK A DICK!!!
      Originally posted by Craig
      honestly the best out of all the new people to join is fkn Kvrmx


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        Re: 18th Letter vs Grape Street

        R won
        Sabotage Ent
        "you would probably rhyme rhyming with rhyming"


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          Re: 18th Letter vs Grape Street

          Grape Street got this one

          baby loc


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