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    this here is one of my illest flows ever, I haven't slept in weeks
    but million dollar meetings are more important then sleep
    Plus I'm just tryna eat spend a thousand dollars on sneakers
    Walking threw the ritz like I'm rich an i kick my feet up, yea
    I'm grinding hear me knocking threw yo speakers
    Major leaguing laughing at the broke bitches in the bleachers
    Really liven illegal believe me I'm cracking visas
    I never talk on the phone i know they tappin receivers

    My shit is ether
    Theres no one cleaner follow the leader
    They tryna be em no one can keep up my flow is meaner
    Thats my demeanor my style deeper just blowing reefer
    An my gold dripping so different colder than a freezer
    If i don't know 'em then i need 100 every feature
    Thats just my fee don't send me beats unless you hold ya green up
    An i ain't cocky I'm confident that they flow is cheaper
    Take it or leave it never need nothing from no one neither

    That's the procedure
    When you living out a dream
    And.. tryna make a living on mission too succeed
    Ambition mixing with greed to get it by any means
    And its sickening knowin that ya vision ain't gettin seen
    Life is never what is seems you wondering what it means
    You can die today an never get to see the finer things
    Aslong as I got my team I promise that we gon eat
    Cause the shit I'm spitting different really few and far between

    And all my schemes
    They bringing profit got these bitches watching
    They astonished that the kid a god an know my bitch a goddess
    Who the hottest? young killa spitting it ima prophet
    They can't stop it I go retarded on every single project
    And promise: I make a mill so just watch me deposit
    My pockets filled with alot an you'll never see me in college
    Work a job a 9 to 5 never. I'm beyond it
    Don't need it just being honest cause ima get rich regardless

    The hardest
    Im toe tagging these instrumentals
    Pay attention get ya stencil
    For these flows I lend you
    I'm detrimental on every level i never settle
    Every track every rap Im spitting I can't be gentle
    Cause If I rip it I'm ripping that one I'm killing several
    The shit I been threw it made me better I never ment to
    No needa keep it a secret believe that I am next to
    Some of the greatest who made it just hopin that I get threw
    The young savage blunt passin till my lungs blacken
    I ain't gun clappin, tounge blast em put em in the caskets
    An don't compare to rappers cuz everyone average
    And they jus talking I'm really the only one rapping
    You want the action just ask an I'll kill ya whole track-list
    Spit my flow backwards record it and come out dope after

    There's no rapper better letters get you wet up
    Im killing competetion use the flow as my barretta
    Originally posted by Lil Ill
    KVRMX is ducking me OMG!!! DEAD!!! KVRMX SUCK A DICK!!!
    Originally posted by Craig
    honestly the best out of all the new people to join is fkn Kvrmx

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    " this here is one of my illest flows ever,"
    And I rest my case. Deuces.


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      Call yourself fairy/ferry, that’s something in the flow that carries across.
      So you thought you were Christ, but wont rise when I bury your corpse.
      The Sun rise in the West, but out East is where the shit set.
      Your name Fairy, you must be on dust, plus I flip wet.
      Ill pull your card with the index/in decks on the hair trigger.
      You and your mans could get robbed like good patience cuz they’ll be bare with ya.
      Fairy, let me fair with ya, you don’t ride, never got a ticket.
      You just tryna be a G/B-A-G, but no body with it.
      Fuck the West coast, if he was alive Pac could get it.
      Think youre Diesel and Im too light, but Im stopping Riddick.
      I branch out, bring shade that could block your vision.
      So now Im schoolin fair/fare like he got tuition.
      Your style… multi-syllabic with lots of rhythm plus false optimism.
      No punches, everything is set up like the cops is with him.
      Shit I drop enlightening/in lightening, so if he shocked it hit him.
      He should’ve watched his “conduct”, Zeus the God just split him.


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