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  • Fatboys Candy BARS (rate me)

    You think you hard brah? nah you aint bout no action Snicker (nigga) go head get all Almond (all men) no RECESS i aint kicking soccer balls but just know Dis knee (DISNEY) will break ya face into pieces GET it? the disney show recess? (RESSES PIECES).

    And ya girl i heard she (HERSHEY) she got that good pussy me and my boys get in that (KITKAT) like the (3 muskateers) slow it down i said me and my niggas get in that kitkat and hit it and we must see tears.


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    Re: Fatboys Candy BARS (rate me)

    You know what...this was a cool concept, but:

    Snicker (nigga)
    in that (KITKAT)

    are prime examples of terribly forced wordplay.
    The 3 muskateers one was bad too but it was a slow it down...so i'd let it slide


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      Re: Fatboys Candy BARS (rate me)

      Yea forced the
      Snickers part is decent tho
      Sabotage Ent
      "you would probably rhyme rhyming with rhyming"


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