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  • Just spittin.

    With that mean mug look, I am one of the meanest/
    My lyrics make me so hot, like the middle of Phoenix/
    With that shotgun, leave you with a disease and a wound with an exit/
    Cause once it hits pieces of fat, off your back, that shit leaves you anorexic/

    Im in that new whip. .45 in my hand, Shotgun in the pass(passenger seat)/
    He MUST HEARD im doin 90 cause he aint CATCH UP, im TWO TIMES as fast/

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    Im in that new whip. .45 in my hand, shotgun in the pass
    He MUSTARD, im doin' 90 cause he aint KETCHUP, im TWO TIMES as fast/

    Must heard - Mustard
    Catch up - Ketchup

    45 x 2 = 90

    Finger to your face, Silencer on the nose, you hear no sound/
    Throw you off the docks in cement shoes, the ocean is where you drown/

    I was a bad motherfucker then...And guess what, im bad motherfucker now
    Coors light bottle to the side of his head/
    Red streaks coming down from where he bled/
    Another bottle wailed on the other side of his face/
    Another 2 blood streams trickle down, starting to race/
    Take a knife out and slice him like cake/
    the stab him through his SUIT, now i caught a CASE/

    (Next few lines are towards battle rappers)

    I bet you Big T...stands for Big Titties/
    You look like the black version of Miss Piggy/
    I told him to dance, he gyrates to get jiggy/
    He took 4 shots, Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang
    theres 5 more to make 9, now you can be 50 (50 Cent)/
    And DNA, he just another fool that acts cool
    Sittin on the porch, he soft sport/
    I bet the reason he never played golf, is because his mouth looks like the 19th hole, at every miniature golf course/
    And ayeverb got a baseball for an elbow, Too much SHOWTIME!/
    Nah, he was wrestling, fucked it up doing a clothesline/
    That, or he put it through a glass table, tryna lean over to do a coke line/

    Thats all I got. Anyone got advice, whats strong and whats not?

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    Re: Just spittin.


    heavy metal this guns and roses
    kiss a petal if i lift a tool up
    im dropping gems
    nigga pick a jewel up


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