Sony announces PS 1 Classic - They trying to get that Nintendo(dough)

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    ...thats what i thought


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      ​​​​​OK, heres the full list of games for the PS1 Classic .

      DAMN super surprised to see Revelations: Persona on here.
      • Battle Arena Toshinden
      • Cool Boarders 2
      • Destruction Derby
      • Final Fantasy VII
      • Grand Theft Auto
      • Intelligent Qube
      • Jumping Flash
      • Metal Gear Solid
      • Mr Driller
      • Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
      • Rayman
      • Resident Evil Director's Cut
      • Revelations: Persona
      • Ridge Racer Type 4
      • Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo
      • Syphon Filter
      • Tekken 3
      • Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six
      • Twisted Metal
      • Wild Arms


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        no idea what most of those games are


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          I'm very disappointed in the choice of games that Sony decided to throw on there. I hope IF the N64 classic comes out, it destroys this right here.


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            Originally posted by Justice View Post

            Link to article (below)


            Drops December 3rd
            Price: $99.99

            So far of the 20 games that will be on the system the only games announced so far are:

            -FF 7
            -Wild Arms
            -Tekken 3
            -R4: Ridge Racer Type 4
            -Jumping Flash

            Fuck Ridge Racer.

            Also it sucks that the controller ain't analog.
            Leads me to belive either Sony gonna sell'em separately $$$, or they will come out with another iteration of PS1 classic down the road (next year for example).

            Basically a Dual Shock version of a PS1 classic.

            Since it won't be analog, that gives you a idea of what games won't prob be on here. If the 1st Resident Evil is I guess back to weak ass "tank controls", just like the old days for real. games

            I wouldn't waste my money on this unless I was gonna sell em for extra on ebay.
            Im looking this for nintendo game. Thank you


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