Employing statistics against slots

Gambling, in any shape or form, is a process that is inherently bound to probability and chance; there is simply no getting around that. Be it Poker, Roulette or Blackjack, the end result is always dictated by mathematical probability, and your job as the gambler is often to make the probability of winning as high as possible by any means that you can.

This is why people count cards, for example, or why seasoned Roulette experts study the wheel with extreme scrutiny to see if they can find any structural inconsistencies that will affect the path that the ball takes. The same thing can be done on slots, both online and offline, to make sure that you are giving yourself the best chance of winning. Read ahead for a guide on how to employ statistics against slots at www.slotsbaby.com.

RTP – Return To Player

Now, this is one of the most important pieces of vocabulary anyone can encounter whilst looking for a good online slot to play. RTP stands for Return To Player, and relates to the average return that a gambler can expect to see back from his stake on any given stake. This value is given as a percentage, often in the region of 95-99%.

It is incredibly important that you take extra special care of the RTP of any slot you think you might like to play, as it can be a very reliable indicator of whether or not you will walk away with a win or not. This is one of the best ways to employ statistics against slots after all! Aim for an RTP of above 98% and you can definitely expect to see a return from your bet.

Counting the average number of spins before a win

This is a method that many mathematicians first began using when playing their favourite online slots, and after they had quite a bit of success many others began copying them. It works a little like this: when you first start playing a slot game take care to tally down how many spins of the reels it takes before each win. From this you can quite easily deduce an average number of spins before a win with some simple mathematics.

Now you have a reliable figure that can massively help you when deciding when and how much to bet on each spin. For example, if you know that on average it is the 8th spin of the reels that brings a win, you can place higher bets around this number.

Being tactical with progressive jackpots

Progressive jackpot slots are some of the most appealing slot games around, and that is because the potential jackpot can often be outrageously big – we’re talking a million plus! This is because they increase with every losing spin, eventually paying out when someone is lucky enough to make the winning reel spin.

Statistics are your friend here, because on average a progressive jackpot slot with a higher jackpot is more likely to pay out than a smaller one, purely because it has been longer since it has paid out.