Employee Motivation Ideas: 8 Effective Ways to Keep Your Staff Happy


One study showed that in America, about 53% of adults were unhappy at their jobs. 

When your employees are unhappy, they can start to feel unmotivated as well. 

Want to find new and inventive ways to keep your staff happy and productivity up? We’ve got you covered. Read on for some awesome employee motivation ideas.

1. Make Work A Nice Place to Be

One of the most simple employee motivation ideas might be to just make your office or workspace a pleasant place to be.

If your employees don’t want to come to work because it’s ugly, boring, or un-accommodating, it will also be hard to motivate them as well. You should make sure that it is well lit and has space for everyone to do their work. 

Believe it or not, some studies have shown that the environment that you work in can impact your mood. So if it’s a happy, fun, and energetic place to work, your employees will leave work feeling happier. 

You should try and make sure that everyone has the supplies they need to be able to do their job.

In addition to that, all the equipment should be updated and actually work. The computers should be updated with the latest software. If your employees have to struggle with the computer every day, their stress and frustration will start to rise. 

2. Offer Rewards

Another thing to help your employees is to offer rewards and incentives. People will most likely stay business or do extra work if they feel like they have a purpose to do so.

This is where incentives come in.

The incentive could be anything from bonuses, salary raises, or even monetary rewards. 

If people know that they will be rewarded for doing a great job, now they will have even more of a reason to do so.

To learn more about other types of incentives, check that link out.

3. Encourage Positive Feedback

In addition to offering good rewards, you should also provide constant, positive feedback to your employees.

Everyone loves hearing that they did a good job, and people normally don’t hear it often enough. It will also motivate your employees to do a good job later on because they want you to be proud of them.

Positive feedback doesn’t have to be saved for something big. If someone does something small that is out of the ordinary, you could recognize them for that. Sometimes it’s the small things that can leave a lasting impact. 

Not only will it make your employees feel good, but you will also form a deeper connection with them, which is good for your business in the long run. 

4. Give Them a Purpose

Earlier, we said that you should give your employees a reward for doing good work.

However, the ultimate reward is feeling like you have a purpose. Most people won’t be fulfilled by just doing busy work if they feel like it’s not helping something.

Show them how their job fits into the bigger picture of the company. Make them feel like they are important to the business’s function, and they will be happier with their job overall. 

5. Make Sure They Have a Good Work-Life Balance

Another important aspect of keeping your employees happy and motivated is making sure that there is a good work-life balance for them.

You should offer a decent amount of time for your employees to have for vacation. Offer incentives to get more time as well. Try not to make them work overtime if possible. 

If they are able to be happy outside of work, chances are they will be happier at work as well. 

6. Autonomy

Most employees don’t want to feel like their boss is micromanaging them. This can cause a lot of friction in a company really quickly. 

That’s why it’s important to give employees as much autonomy as you can. Of course, at the end of the day, there does need to be some rules and structure.

However, you should give some responsibilities to employees and give them room to do their job.  This will help foster a healthier relationship between you and your employees as well. 

7. What Makes Your Employees Tick

Another important thing to realize is figuring out what makes your employees tick. Yes, every person is different, and each one will have different needs and wants.

However, understanding some basic psychology can help you figure out the people that work for you. 

For example, some people are introverted while others are extroverted. Some people thrive in chaos, and some need everything to be organized. Some people may like to work closely with others, and some may prefer to enjoy more independence. 

If you recognize that every employee is different and try to pay attention to how each one works, you could be able to figure out what motivates them. You can also figure out how to better serve them to increase overall happiness. 

8. Flexible Schedules

This is a newer trend, and some older companies may have a more difficult time getting behind it. However, offering flexible schedules is great to motivate your employees as well as creating a good work-life balance.

Thanks to new technology, now many employees are able to work remotely. This way, employees can start to make their own schedules so that their life doesn’t revolve completely around their job.

For example, they could decide to work from home one day if they have to leave to go to a doctor’s appointment. That way, they can still get the work done while also taking time to take care of themselves.

Some surveys have ranked companies that offer flexible scheduling as great places to work. If you don’t offer flexible schedules now, you may want to consider it. 

Use These Employee Motivation Ideas to Keep Them Happy

These employee motivation ideas are only a few that are out there, but they’re a great place to start.

If you start incorporating these, your employee’s happiness and production should rise.

So what are you waiting for? Prioritize your employee’s happiness today! Contact us for help in getting started.