Don’t Leave the House Without Learning This Camping Safety Tip

Around 2,000 people get lost in the woods every single year, and not all of them make it back to civilization alive.

But don’t let that deter you. Nature is a healing, wonderful place that can help you recenter yourself, and bring you great joy.

And just so long as you follow this one camping safety tip, you’ll be okay.

Are you ready?

Be Prepared

The Boyscouts were onto something with this rule. But what does it mean and what can you do? Let’s break it down into three categories.


Whenever you’re going on a nature adventure, make sure you have the right gear. Each adventure is different, and you’ll need different supplies.

But taking the time to learn about the different supplies will ensure you have more fun and a safer experience.

No matter the activity, invest in good clothes. They’ll keep you warm in the snow or water, or cool in the summer heat. Make sure you have good layers so as the weather changes, you’re still prepared.

Always make sure you have good shoes. Your feet are your lifeline in nature, so make sure to take care of them.

Don’t skimp on safety gear. If you’re supposed to have a beacon in case of an avalanche while you’re snowboarding, get one. If you’re camping in the woods, carry bear spray.

Understand the threats for each activity, and get adequate safety gear. It could save your life.


There is an endless list of applicable nature skills that are worth mastering, but you don’t have to master any or even know them all to be safe.

These are the most essential skills you should get a basic understanding of. Learn how to purify water, build a small shelter, start a fire, learn basic first aid, treat wildlife, and spot edible and poisonous plants. These are the key skills for staying safe in nature.

You don’t have to master them all, but it’s smart to have a basic understanding of each.


Every nature activity has its own high risks. Learn about them, and learn ahead of time how to answer each threat. For example, if you’re hiking or camping, learn what to do if you see a bear, and which bears are most common in your area.

If you’re snowboarding, snowshoeing, or skiing, learn what to do in case of an avalanche.

Each sport poses its own threats, but learning how to handle them ahead of time will help you survive in the woods.

The Ultimate Camping Safety Tip: Be Prepared

The one camping safety tip you should always follow is to simply be prepared. When you go to a new area, make sure you have a map and your standard safety kit. Make sure you’re carrying water, an extra layer of clothing, and a snack for later.

It doesn’t hurt to brush up on your nature safety skills either. Try to learn the poisonous plants in your area, and a few edible ones too.

The better prepared you are, the safer you’ll be.

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