Don’t Fiddle Around: How To Care For Your Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf figs are becoming more popular than ever. If you plan on joining this trend be sure you know how to properly care for your plant.

Unfortunately, despite their attractive appearance, they are not one of the easier plants to care for. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with these useful tips that will keep your plant shining for years to come. Continue reading to learn more!

Why We Love the Fiddle Leaf Fig

Other than it’s beauty and elegance that really dresses up a room or office space, the fiddle leaf fig has some other beneficial qualities. Because of its large leaves, this plant is a great air purifier. It is also known to reduce humidity.

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Water with Care

In order to properly water your plant, you should try and replicate the rainfall of its native landscape. The fiddle leaf fig is actually from West Africa. So it isn’t used to heavy moisture.

This means you can easily overwater it if you’re not careful. To keep it from drowning, wait for the first inch of soil to dry out. Then soak the plant until water drains out the bottom of the pot. 

Let it dry out again and repeat the process. To protect your plant from being overwatered, you should plant it in well-draining soil and a pot that allows excess water to escape out the bottom. 

If you are underwatering your plant you will notice the leaves begin to turn yellow. So make sure you find a happy medium between keeping the roots moist and overwatering. You should also mist your tree’s leaves during the winter months when the air can become too dry for it.

Plenty of Sunshine 

The fiddle leaf fig should be placed somewhere that it can get adequate sunlight. However, it shouldn’t be anywhere that is in direct sun for too long. So it would not do well near a window facing the south or west.

Although the lack of adequate sunlight is one of the most common pitfalls for owners, too much sunlight is also no good. In fact, these figs need a combination of indirect and direct sunlight that varies throughout the day. This is because they thrive beneath the jungle’s dense foliage.

Find an east-facing window and your plant will thank you for it. If your fiddle leaf fig is not getting the right amount of sunlight, you will notice the leaves begin to sag and become spotty.

If this starts to happen, move your plant to another spot and wait a week or two to see improvement. You may also need to dust your fig’s leaves off to allow them to absorb the light. When you see dust build-up on the leaves, gently wipe them clean with a moist cloth or paper towel.

Comfortable Temperatures

Your fig is used to the hot humid climate of an African jungle. So during the winter months, it might get too cold if you’re not careful. Be wary of cold drafts throughout your house that can creep through windows or porch doors. 

As we mentioned earlier, they are used to a hot climate. Cold temperatures will hurt your fiddle leaf fig. You can easily seal these areas up so your plant can continue to benefit from the sunshine without the winter wind getting in.

What’s Your Fiddle Leaf Fig Like?

We hope you found these fiddle leaf fig tips helpful when caring for your plant. Hopefully, these steps will have you enjoying the many perks of owning a fig tree for many years to come.

Do you own a fig tree? Share your experiences in the comments below.