Celebrity Workouts and Their Famous Gym Routines

When you’re sitting at home on the couch watching TV or in a movie theater, you’ve probably thought, “Wow, I wish I looked like that.” Watching celebrities on the silver screen with rock hard bods might make you feel like you need to get up off that couch or up from that chair.

But what you don’t see are the workouts behind those toned physiques. Looking like a celebrity is hard work. Could you keep up with these celebrity workouts?

Famous Celebrity Workouts

We all go through fitness slumps. October is the slowest month of the year for gyms for many reasons. People are enjoying the cold weather, no longer pressured by summer, or waiting until the new year to let their resolutions get on track.

Most celebrities never let their workout routines get in a slump. Take a page from these guys’ book.

Jennifer Aniston

If you’ve ever watched Friends, you’ve wondered what Jennifer Aniston’s workout routine is like.

Aniston’s trainer uses periodization training for her workouts. Your body can adapt to its workouts, and you’ll suddenly stop seeing progress.

Periodization training shocks your body by giving it a brand new challenge periodically. If Aniston has some time off, she works out seven days a week.

If she’s working, they’ll do different sets of repetitions, resistance, and speeds.

Dwayne Johnson

Unsurprisingly, The Rock has one of the most intense workout routines that you can find. His routine consists of five days a week of rigorous exercise, and two rest days.

On the first day, he does a back workout. The next days are chest, then legs, then shoulders, then arms.

On back day alone, to copy his routine, you’re doing a combination of eight separate exercises.

He does four sets of pull ups, repeated dumb bell reps, ten reps or hammer strength two arm rows, cable lat pulldowns, seated cable rows, straight-arm rope pulldowns, cable face pulls, and barbell shrugs. Most people would be exhausted just thinking about his workout, but that’s only one day of it. Then it’s on to the next day, until you finally get your rest days.

Khloé Kardashian

This Kardashian sister hits the gym twice a day. She’s premiering season 3 of her show called Revenge Body, about overcoming the challenge of the gym and showcasing body transformations.

She shares the precise details of her workout, which she says actually go by more quickly than one might imagine.

She starts of her workout routine with 25 jumping jacks, then goes into doing deadlifts. You can use soup cans if you want to replicate her deadlifts and don’t have dumbbells available to you.

Then she works her way into split jacks, 20 bent-over raises, and up to a minute of jogging in place. From there she does push ups, and a lot of squats. Yes, squats are one of her signature moves, and how she keeps her booty looking fabulous.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron combined a workout regimen with intermittent fasting to prepare for his role on Baywatch.

Intermittent fasting can be a complete game changer for anyone who isn’t losing the weight that they’re looking to use. Some people combine intermittent fasting with the keto diet, and are met with great results for their fitness goals.

You can learn more about intermittent fasting and keto to see how it might work well for you.

50 Cent

The famous rapper wrote his own book, Formula 50, on the workout routine that he follows. If you’re familiar with his impressive physique, you’ll know that it’s definitely working.

He offers two six-week programs to follow that essentially guarantee a transformation. With his routine, you get one day off a week.

Then you alternate between strength and energy training each day. Each week, you increase in the amount of repetitions and exercises you do, until you’ve worked your way up through the levels.

He begins and ends each workout with a three to five minute warm up or cool down on the treadmill.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox had a baby and still looks as toned as ever. She focuses heavily on cardio, and works out with trained Harley Pasternack to follow the 5-Factor diet and workout.

This means she follows five circuits each day in her workout. She does a five to ten minute cardio warmup. Next, she does and upper body circuit, a lower body circuit, a core set, and a cardio cool down.

Each circuit is repeated three times. The circuits involve planks, lunges, dumbbell rows, deadlifts, and of course, more cardio.

The routine is set up so that it focuses on all of your muscles. The thought is that you could do one exercise, like crunches, all day long. You wouldn’t see any results if you weren’t properly working out the rest of your body.

For her diet, Fox avoids all carbs. She sticks to smoothies, almonds, protein powder, and chai tea. She also eats egg whites.

While her diet and workout routine might be super difficult to achieve, there’s no denying that it works very well for her. You can pick and choose from celebrity workouts and diets to create a plan that best works for you and the specific needs that only your body has.

Get Your Own Routine

If you’re not sold on celebrity workouts, then it’s time to get your own routine. After all, you’re not appearing in front of the camera all the time. You don’t necessarily have to be as intense as a celebrity.

You have to cater your workout routine to what works best for you. Perhaps you want to start your day with health affirmations. Maybe yoga is more your pace, or you love going for jogs.

Recognizing your own personal needs is important, instead of trying to fit yourself into the mold of someone else’s workout.

Customize your own workout with the inspiration that you get from celebrity workouts, and you’ll be on the fitness train in no time. 50 Cent encourages you that your body can be hotter than his music.