CBD Oil for Muscle Pain: 5 Surprising Benefits

An intense workout may feel tough now, however, in the long run, there are countless benefits such as a fitter body and happier mind. The only pitfall of hard workouts is dealing with the intense delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

Muscle soreness is unavoidable and is just a byproduct of major changes happening within the body. There are no ways to prevent it, but there are great muscle soreness recovery remedies that can help deal with the pain.

According to research, 97% of people who took CBD oil for chronic pain noticed a 64% relative decrease in pain. Also, the anxiety and stress from the pain dissipated as well.

So, how effective is CBD oil as a treatment for muscle soreness recovery? 

Thankfully, we did that research for you.

Keep on reading to learn how to use CBD oil for muscle soreness, so you can keep on the intense workouts with less pain!

Let’s get started.

What is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness? 

Delayed onset muscle soreness (or DOMS for short) is basically microtrauma within your muscle fibers after a good workout. When you are training, you are creating little myofibril (muscle) tears within your muscle fibers.

In order for your body to grow with the opposed demands from the workout, it essentially needs to break down and rebuild constantly to adapt. This breakdown and rebuilding is the soreness, and in most cases, it is actually a good thing.

Depending on the muscle fiber type that was trained, DOMS will typically start to develop between 24-48 hours after exercise. The peak of the pain will develop between 24-72 hours after exercise. If you are experiencing pain five days after exercise, it may be more of an injury and not DOMS. 

1. It Is a Natural Remedy

Many people pop a few ibuprofens when they experience painful DOMS, which is can lead to many health problems, liver failure, and even death.

CBD oil provides an all-natural remedy for pain, there are no chemicals whatsoever, it grows on a tree, and research backs up that it works! 

2. Helps With Muscle Fatigue

While your muscles are rebuilding, you will experience some level of fatigue, This is because it takes a lot of energy and nutrients to repair and get ready for the next workout. Since CBD oil helps with muscle fatigue symptoms of fibromyalgia, it will help with fatigue from workouts too.

3. It Helps With Relaxation

When we are experiencing pain, our natural response is to tense up and contract the muscles surrounding the pain, which only makes us feel tenser.

CBD is known for promoting relaxation by boosting neurotransmitters such as serotonin, dopamine, and endocannabinoids.

4. There Are No Side Effects

If you have been taking pills such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol to deal with your post-workout pain, you are leading your body to deal with a whole lot more pain in the future such as liver failure, and more.

CBD oil is completely natural, and there are no studies that found any common side effects. It is safe, and anyone can use it.

5. There are Many Ways to Use it

If you are not a fan of ingesting anything, no problem! CBD oil can be used as a tincture, salve, lotion, muscle rub, bath oil, and more. You do not have to orally take CBD oil to reap its incredible benefits.

Learn More About CBD Oil as a Muscle Soreness Recovery Method 

There are incredible benefits of using CBD oil for muscle soreness recovery. Always remember to consult with your doctor before you start taking anything new, and make sure that CBD oil is legal in the state you are purchasing it in.

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