Before You Roll the Dice: Everything You Need to Know Before You Start Online Gambling

Are you intrigued by the allure of slot machines? Do you watch team sports or horse races and imagine how you’d bet? Are you tempted by online gambling opportunities but don’t know where to begin?

If you’re new to the world of online gambling, there’s no need to hesitate any longer. You can find success in the online gambling world.

Check out this online gambling guide for beginners to learn the ins and outs of the industry. Here’s everything you need to know before you start gambling online.

1. Understanding RNG

You can’t start online gambling without knowing what RNG is. RNG stands for random number generator. It’s how almost every online gambling game works (besides sports, of course)!

Whether it be Blackjack, Poker, Slots, or Roulette, most online gambling games use a random number generator to dictate the outcome of the game. How does it work? Depending on the game, it assigns numbers to decks, cards, slots (whatever the game may entail), then generates a random number to determine the winner.

Many in-person gambling games within casinos also use RNG. The fact that RNG runs your online games closely mimics your experience inside a real casino. You shouldn’t feel like you’re missing out on any cool gambling experience because you’re playing online.

The other important point of the RNG is to make each game completely random and therefore fair. The computer and system aren’t rigged against you. True randomness means anyone has a chance to win.

2. Live Webcam Opportunities

Some sites offer the unique opportunity to gamble live via webcam. In this case, a random number generator doesn’t power your game.

The most popular of these webcam games is Blackjack. If you love Blackjack and want to play online, but also want the thrill of playing with a live dealer, seek out one of these webcam opportunities. Many sites host them!

Remember that you are still playing online. One or two things about the game’s process are bound to change that you should be aware of. We’ll go over that next.

3. Process Changes Online

Many Blackjack junkies use “card counting” as a crucial strategy. You may also do it in Poker and 21. That’s legal and pretty common for frequent players.

We won’t get into detail about exactly what counting cards is, but if that is your strategy then know this: it won’t work online! Counting cards in Blackjack is only beneficial if the deck isn’t shuffled after every play. In online gambling, the deck is automatically shuffled after every play, including if you’re playing on webcam!

You’d be really confused and lose money if you didn’t know that and you went into the game betting on your usual strategy. So be aware of little changes like these that can happen when gambling online.

Learn more about gambling, casinos, and rules. The more you know, the better off you’ll be.

4. Internet Casino Loyalty Clubs

Traditional casinos have loyalty clubs for frequent players who play a lot and risk a lot. Did you know that internet casinos also have loyalty clubs for the same purpose? You can take advantage of it!

In a loyalty club, the more you risk, the more they reward you. This isn’t necessarily in hard money; in traditional casinos, it’s usually in comps and rebates, like free meals. In internet casinos, it can be cash or rebates.

For example, your online casino tracks how often you play, how much you’re betting, and your expected loss. They then offer you certain comps to make up some of that loss. They do this so you stay interested and because they’re still making money in the end.

Really successful and frequent online gamblers can be treated the same as in-person high rollers, though. That means special treatment, trips, events, and rewards! Look into the potential pros of online gambling loyalty clubs, you might be able to benefit.

5. The Legality of Online Gambling Is a Gray Area

That’s not what you want to hear about your favorite pastime, is it? But it’s true. Gambling itself is a tricky legal area.

Did you know that all gambling companies (traditional and online) must be licensed to be legal? Don’t assume that every internet casino you come across is following the law!

Did you know that most internet casinos are offshore (if you’re playing in the US)? They station everything offshore in hopes that the laws of the land can’t fully prosecute them should that situation arise.

The legality of online gambling depends on where you are. That may not be common sense to you because it’s online, but it’s true. Some states allow online gambling, some states have broad rules and restrictions, and some are more heavy-handed in their restrictions.

It’s worth it for you to do thorough research about your state’s online gambling laws. Also, look into your internet casino’s licensing authority. That can help you avoid any legal headaches.

6. Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Maybe this point is counter-intuitive because you are, in fact, reading and hopefully believing this article. But there are plenty of forums and sites out there for online gamblers that seem helpful but aren’t.

Casinos can plant false reviews and even paysites to lead players to their casino. There’s a lot of biased information online that portrays itself as neutral.

You’ll also find articles loaded with tips, tricks, and secrets to winning. Many times these articles are also loaded with typos and errors. That’s a sure sign that it’s not a trustworthy source!

Don’t let the internet fool you. Learn to spot biased, erroneous information. At the very least, find websites that admit to their biases. Paying a reviewer isn’t a bad thing if that person openly states that a company sponsored their article or video. 

Let This Online Gambling Guide Help You

Want to win money betting on things you’re passionate about? Are you drawn to the world of internet betting?

If you’re interested in gambling but hesitate to start because you don’t know enough, hesitate no more! This online gambling guide is everything you need to know before you begin.

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