Become a Dungeon Master! 10 Must-Know Diablo 3 Tips for New Players

Blizzard Entertainment is known for making some of the most enjoyable and longest lasting games in the medium.

And perhaps no game is a better example of their dedication than Diablo 3, which to date has sold well over 30 million units.

Though the game is almost seven years old, Blizzard continues to support the game, giving adventurers new ways to explore dark caverns and pick up gorgeous new loot.

Of course, that’s all well and good, but new players may find the notion of joining in on the fun to be intimidating.

Not to worry, we have you covered. Here are 10 Diablo 3 tips to help you save New Tristram from Diablo himself.

1. The Best Ways to Play

So you’re looking to play Diablo 3. That’s great!

Your first step toward saving the world requires you to make a tough decision: where and how do you want to play?

You have two key options: PC or console.

Though the debate has sparked endless debate among gamers for years now, the “best” way to play Diablo 3 depends upon your preferences, so read reviews to see which sounds best to you.

If you’re someone who prefers the precision and freedom allowed by a keyboard and mouse, PC is the way to go. You’ll also get updates before your console friends.

If you’re looking for a more laid-back experience, the console version is your best bet.

It’s also worth noting that Diablo 3 hit the Nintendo Switch late last year. Aside from a unique armor set and pet based on The Legend of Zelda series, the Switch version has the advantage of being the only truly portable way to play Diablo 3.

2. Yes, the DLC Is Necessary

Wherever you plan to pick up Diablo 3, make sure you’re picking up the most recent version.

While you can pick up a version of the game’s vanilla content for a few dollars, the core Diablo 3 experience lies in its DLC.

In fact, the main campaign is rather short.

What you’re looking for is called “The Eternal Collection”, and it bundles the base game, the Reaper of Souls expansion, and the Rise of the Necromancer DLC pack.

This package will grant you access to all Diablo 3 content released to date.

3. Find a Build That Suits Your Playstyle

You’ve got the game, now it’s time to make your character!

In total, there are seven Diablo 3 classes:

  • Necromancer
  • Witch Doctor
  • Demon Hunter
  • Barbarian
  • Wizard
  • Monk
  • Crusader

Truth be told, there isn’t a ‘right’ class to choose — it’s all up to you and how you like to play.

Each class has its strengths and weaknesses, but completing the campaign and expansion is possible with any class.

If you’re looking to maximize your character, you’ll want to look into the best builds for each class.

4. Don’t Skip the Story

Though it’s true that most of the fun of Diablo 3 comes from hacking and slashing your way through dungeons, that doesn’t mean you should skip the story.

As mentioned before, the core campaign is rather short. Dedicated players can likely get through it in a day.

Still, don’t skip through the cut scenes. Aside from including some truly gorgeous artwork, some of Diablo 3’s story is pretty interesting, especially when you get to Reaper of Souls.

5. The Game Doesn’t End After the Credits Roll

There’s a reason that Diablo 3 is still going strong, even seven years later.

The game is almost endlessly replayable thanks to the Adventure Mode, which is unlocked after players complete the initial campaign.

In Adventure Mode, players can create a new character or build upon their pre-existing adventurer. And since the map is opened up, you can revisit your favorite locations from the game anytime you’d like.

The core gameplay loop of Adventure Mode is as follows:

  • Choose an area
  • Complete five bounties
  • Get your rewards
  • Repeat

Since Diablo 3’s dungeons are procedurally generated, you’ll never see the same dungeon, even if you’re revisiting the same area over and over.

6. New Seasons Bring New Loot

Aside from Adventure Mode, Diablo 3’s longevity comes from its periodic updates, known as Seasons.

With each update, players get new challenges, new gear, and new enemies.

Currently, the game is in its 16th season, with little indication that Blizzard will stop supporting the game anytime soon.

7. Don’t Worry About Difficulty

Choosing your favorite Diablo 3 class and build aren’t the only customization options at your fingertips.

Diablo 3 features 17 levels of difficulty, ranging from Normal to Torment XIII.

Though the various difficulties can sound intimidating, don’t let them put you off. Play the game how you want to play.

For newcomers, we recommend choosing either Normal or Hard difficulty, then working your way up from there.

With that said, you can’t jump more than three or four levels, so think about the kind of challenge you’re after.

It’s also important to note that increased difficulty comes with increased rewards.

Hard mode, for example, grants 75% extra XP and gold.

8. Feel Free to Tinker with Controls

Since Diablo 3 is an action RPG (ARPG) you’ll have dozens of skills at your disposal at any given moment, which come pre-mapped to certain keys/controller buttons.

You’re not stuck with the controls as they are, though.

Tinkering with the game’s options menu will bring up a setting known as Elective Mode, which allows you to bind your skills to whichever keys or buttons you’d like.

Feel free to mess around with these options to maximize your damage per second or healing prowess.

9. You Can’t Take It With You

In your time with Diablo 3, you’ll come across quite a bit of loot. Like, a whole lot of loot.

So much so that you soon won’t have the carrying capacity for all of your treasures.

At any time, you can head back to the level’s main hub to sell some of your goods for additional gold. You can then use that gold to upgrade your weapons or replace them entirely.

10. Maintain a Steady Internet Connection

For better or worse, Diablo 3 requires a constant Internet connection.

That means that even if you’re playing on the Switch, you’ll need access to a WiFi network to get past the main menu or play more than a few modes.

Use These Diablo 3 Tips to Reclaim Heaven’s Glory Once More

There you have it: some of the best Diablo 3 tips for newcomers. Wherever and however you play, above all else, have fun!

Diablo 3 is a fantastic game with depth that extends far beyond its simple point-and-click facade.

And if you just can’t get into Diablo 3, don’t worry, our guide of the best online games you’re not playing will have something for you!