Always on the Move: 7 Transportation Jobs You Can Pursue in 2019

13 million Americans get their daily bread from the transportation and warehousing sector and related industries.

The transportation sector is a critical part of the nation’s operation. Back in the days after the civil war, it was the railways that opened up the U. S. and provided the catalyst to increase economic development.

In today’s environment, transportation still supports the growth of the country’s economy. As manufacturing moves to China and other nations offering cheaper labor, transportation offers a seamless supply chain to keep the economy moving.

Although the sector is vast, it is the everyday people hacking away at their stations that make an impact in the industry.

Thinking of a career in the transportation sector? Here are some of the available transportation jobs you can consider taking up.

1. Diesel Service Technician and Mechanic

Diesel technicians and mechanics are a versatile lot. They fix a wide range of issues relating to machines operating on diesel engines.

If you are the type of person who thrives on facing different challenges, this might just be the job for you.

The issues you will have to fix rage from the easy ones such as changing the oil to complex ones like inspecting transmissions.

As part of the job, you will be expected to disassemble and reassemble parts. You will be instrumental in helping retrofit engines so that they can meet new emissions standards.

Consequently, you must be willing to stay on top of developments in the sector should you decide to take up this job.

2. Heavy Truck and Tractor-Trailer Driver

Do you like spending many hours out on the open road? Are you inspired by the idea of working in the trucking industry?

If any of this tickles your fancy then a heavy truck and tractor-trailer driving career is something you should take a look at.

As a heavy truck and tractor-trailer driver, your core duties will involve loading, unloading, and transporting of goods.

You will also be required to inspect and maintain all the trailer equipment. Therefore, you need to be aware of what the equipment is and how it works.

You will also need to have some expertise in identifying and remedying any faults to the machinery.

3. Executive Chauffeur

A lot has been said about the chauffeur vs driver comparison and at the end of the day, it all boils down to the client’s experience.

When you work as a driver you do just that; drive. Your main concern is getting people and cargo from point A to point B.

Things can be a bit different when you want to take up a chauffeur job. Your main concern is not just safely getting people and goods to their destination. You will also have to work hard to deliver a memorable service experience as well.

If being a chauffeur is one of the transportation careers you’re looking at, beware that you need to have excellent people skills. You can’t deliver an exceptional and personalized riding experience if you struggle to relate with people.

4. Aviation Maintenance Technician

An aviation maintenance technician is responsible for the safety of the crew and passengers on each flight.

As an aviation maintenance technician, your duties will span replacing and repairing aircraft parts.

You will also be tasked with diagnosing and repairing mechanical and electronic issues of the aircraft you are assigned to work on.

In the course of your job, you will work inside the hangar, outside the hangar, on the airfield and inside repair stations.

One essential skill for this job is the ability to constantly learn new things.

Since part of your duties will also entail testing and supporting performance standards you will need to constantly be on the bleeding edge of the industry’s best practices.

5. Logistics Engineer

Logistics is the system we use to distribute goods and services from place to place via the available transport means.

As a result of the importance, logistics plays in our lives logistics engineers are a sought after bunch.

For the logistics engineer, being a critical thinker and an organizer is non-negotiable.

Your duties will include analyzing methods and processes, shipment and routing optimization, network modeling, and cost containment just to name a few.

Since you will be directing logistics analysts on a daily basis, you need excellent interpersonal skills to work with a team.

You also need to have some leadership traits to bring out the best in the logistics analysts you will be supervising.

6. Material Moving Machine Operator

If you ever fantasized about playing with construction and digging machines as a child then here is an opportunity to re-live your dream as an adult.

Material moving machine operators move objects such as sand, gravel and other construction materials according to a fixed schedule of operation.

Excavating and loading machine operators dig out the sand and other materials loading them onto conveyors for transport.

If you’re interested in being a dredge operator, your job will entail removing gravel or rocks from lakes or harbors to keep water passages clear for navigation.

You can’t talk about material moving without thinking of cranes. As a crane operator, your day will be spent moving heavy equipment and machinery not just in construction sites but other areas as well.

7. Ship Engineer

A ship engineer coordinates and supervises the activities of the crew tasked with operating and maintaining engines, deck machinery, and the boilers.

Being a ship engineer is a meaningful job because you don’t just deal with machinery alone.

As the person in charge of supervising the sanitary and refrigeration equipment on board, you directly affect the lives of those aboard the ship.

As a ship engineer, you would be required to keep a log of the activities of the engineering department. Being observant is therefore critical.

Take Advantage of Transportation Jobs to Start or Grow Your Career

The transportation sector plays a critical part in the country’s economy today as it did many decades ago.

There are many transportation jobs available today. You only need to find out what can best suit your skills.

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