9 Best Vape Batteries of 2019

Choosing the best vape batteries depends on several elements. They include battery life, ratings of high current, durability, and the capacity to discharge or retain power, among other factors. Most people’s selection is based on what elements they value most.

Read the following guide for the best vape batteries of 2019;

1. LG HG2 18650 3000AMH

The LG brown is a reliable brand. The LG HG2 battery has maximum capacity and amperage. A size of 3000mAh is stable and lasts a long time.

The battery gives 20A output on amperage. They operate at temperatures of 0- 50ºC and discharge at -20- 75ºC.

The nominal voltage of the battery is 3.6V while the full charge is 4.2V. The high drainage constant is 20A constant current.

The battery costs less than the VTC6s. They are available for $9.95.

2. Sony VTC4 18650 2100AMH

The Sony VTC4 18650 is trusted and more preferred for safety reasons. Its operating voltage (3.7V) fits the different capacities of mechanical mods.

The battery allows you to vape for close to half an hour at 42000mA. The Sony VTC4 18650 has low current rating and might be unsuitable for some users. The high capacity battery is rated 30A.

Visit a reputable retailer to avoid buying counterfeit Sony VTC4 18650s. Original Sony VTC4s is available for $12.95.

3. Samsung INR 18650 20R

The battery’s new upgrade (25R) has a reduced maximum continuous current. The newer model offers a 2500mAH. If you prefer a high-drain sub ohming alternative, the 20R version features the right amp limit.

You will have to choose between an extra 2A max discharge and a capacity of 500mAH. You won’t be disappointed whichever cell you opt for.

4. Vape Batteries: LG HB6 18650 1500 MAH 30A

The maximum continuous discharge is 30A. The nominal capacity is 1500mAH. The symbolic and peak voltage are 36 and 4.2V, respectively.

HB6’s operating temperature is cooler compared to other 30A batteries. 30A batteries include HB2 and HB4. HB6 is more efficient has a longer battery life.

It’s recommended for competition draws because of its high current rating. LG HB6 also has a low internal resistance to current. This makes it ideal for uncontrolled low ohm builds.

The battery is available in reputable online stores for $6.30.

5. EFEST GREEN 26650 4200AMH 20A

The EFEST Green 26650 is among the newest arrivals in the vaping market. The 4200mAh battery allows you to vape all day. Not many mods work compatibly with the EFEST Green, except the 26650 mechs.

The 26550 battery’s low life cycle doesn’t allow it to work as effectively after 300 charges. The battery’s low maximum discharge current stands at 20A.

6. EVOD Variable Battery 1000 MAH TWIST

The perfect balance of capacity and size is the EVOD Twist. The variable battery weighs 33g and is 133mm long. The Ego Connection can plug on to any cartomizer.

The high-quality ego vape battery has exceptional safety features. They include protection against low voltage and over-discharge and cartomizer protection. It has a lockable power button that regulates power usage.

The EVOD Twist has a knob for adjusting the voltage. The battery voltage is between 3.6V and 4.2V. A single charge allows you to vape for 8 hours.

The battery can last for an estimated 300 cycles. The EVOD Twist variable battery is available for $14.95.

7. Tesla Sidewinder 2T 2200 MAH Battery

The Tesla Sidewinder is an excellent performer with a robust power capacity. The 2200mAh it holds makes it a longer-lasting battery. Most eGo batteries have lower capabilities compared to the Tesla Sidewinder.

You can vape while charging the battery at the same time. The battery also supports sub ohm vaping at a resistance of 0.5 ohms. Its operating voltage is between 3.3 and 4.2V.

The Tesla Sidewinder can work on any available tank because of its 510 threading.

8. Sony VTC6 (20A/ 3000MAH)

Sony VTC6 batteries are some of the best-manufactured cells for vaping. The batteries balance perfectly between performance and durability.

The latest VTC6 cell has a reduced maximum continuous current. However, its huge capacity makes it a dependable vaping battery in the market. Sony VTC6 batteries are available for $11.95.

9. LG 18650 HE2/HE4 (20A/ 2500MAH)

Both HE2 and HE4 brands from LG have similar core features. They have a continuous discharge limit of 20A and 2500mAh capacity and are dependable brands.

The newer H4 model works effectively at 20A. However, the capacity significantly drops under an amp-load of 30A. The red HE2 is reliable and also less challenging to find in stores.

The HE2 can withstand heavy currents. The LG 18650s display a significant drop in capacity and voltage under tests of 30A. Experts advise staying within the recommended capacity and voltage limits.

Other Vaping Batteries

Other vaping batteries trending in 2019 include the Samsung 20S, Samsung 30Q, Samsung 25R, and the MXJO MR 26650, among others. You should opt for cells that have undergone reliable and thorough testing.

The Samsung 20S, in particular, is a late entry and a hit in the market. It can support current draws of up to 30 amperes. This makes it the perfect battery for low-resistance mech mod builds.

The Samsung 30Q works the same as Sony VTC6 batteries. They come wrapped in pink and can last a long while as you continue vaping. It has low output and a longer running time.

The MXJO MR 26650 is the best bet for sub ohm vaping. It has a longer life cycle (500 charging cycles). The maximum load is 20A and is available in reputable stores.

Most 18650s can power other device batteries besides vaping. They include laptop batteries, LED flashlights, and other power tools.


The best vape batteries make vaping enjoyable and are adapted for safety concerns. If you like to draw a lot of current from your cells, you should choose the vaping battery which is suited for such use. Vaping batteries come with unique features to suit the user’s needs.

You’re advised to read up on Ohm’s Law if you like sub ohming builds. Brushing up on the principle is an effective way to ensure you use the appropriate batteries for your vaping needs.

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