7 Key Benefits of Video Conferencing That Can Help Your Business

Meetings are tough, especially those scheduled for an early Monday morning. Some employees and bosses even think they’re a waste of time. They’re partly right, as ineffectual meetings cost businesses nearly $40 billion annually.

Times are changing, though; with them goes an era of stale, meaningless conferences. In their place is a new, improved way to convene a meeting. 

These are the 7 game-changing benefits of video conferencing. 

Travel Cost Savings

Businesses’ sole purpose is to churn a profit. Expenditures reduce that revenue goal. 

Meetings require the attendance of everyone involved in whatever project. Some companies have a global presence with team members in other countries. If they’re a part of the project’s team, they need to be there. 

Video conferencing has the capacity to bring everyone together without traveling. 

Engagement Benefits of Video Conferencing

Some employees haven’t had their coffee yet when they sit down at the conference table. A phone conference isn’t an engaging experience.

Distance between foreign coworkers or busy executives is no longer felt. Listening to those on the other side of the phone is mundane. Employees can see and interact with whomever is on the other side of the video. 

Home-Bound Employees

Employees with disability or inability to attend work have communion opportunity. Meetings have a higher attendance rate when everyone can participate.

Video conferencing can broadcast town-hall and corporate hyping meetings worldwide. Everyone in the company can be there to celebrate or keep up with news.

Employees Stay Aboard

Being in a company but in a different location can feel exiling. Traveling can disrupt family time and other home relationships. 

Video conferencing has the capacity to reinvigorate an employee. To make them feel like they’re at work among peers. 

Eliminating these negative feelings will keep employees attached to the company. 

No Negative Productivity 

When employees need to attend a conference, they’re encumbered by time. It’s a lot of effort to travel for a meeting. 

A video conference diminishes this negative net productivity. Employees no longer sink time and company money for traveling. They can use their time elsewhere. 

Bringing Company Alliances Together

Companies with vendors or alliances can now collaborate face-to-face. A distributor can have a personal meeting with their manufacturer in another country. Cooperative executives at different companies can discuss business opportunities from across the globe. 

Better Learning Opportunities for All

Some people don’t intake information well audibly. Some don’t learn well visually. Video conferencing is a compromise of learning.

Video meetings expose employees to both means of learning. They can see what’s being said and hear how it’s said. 

Lights, Camera … and Video Conference

Meetings are boring. They’re ineffectual. And phone conferences are just as bad, if not worse.

Video conferencing brings in an era of effectual business meetings and rallies.

It eliminates the cost of traveling and boring phone calls. It keeps productivity and retention high. Meetings with different executives are now available face-to-face.

The benefits of video conferencing to employees are just as crucial. They allow for home-bound or foreign employees to participate. Video meetings are more engaging. 

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