7 Essential Marijuana Smoking Accessories for a Good Time

There are 10 states in the U.S. where recreational and medical marijuana is legal. There are an additional 20 states where medical marijuana is legal and that number is growing.

If you are among the many who are using marijuana, are using marijuana, you should ensure that you have all the accessory necessary to enjoy the experience.

Essential Smoking Accessories

Before you sit down to enjoy your smoke, check out these trendy accessories. If you are looking for the perfect way to activate your raw material read more here. This way you have the best material and the most stylish materials to use it.

1. Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Papers

Pink rolling paper will make your party prep a conversation piece. There are 50 leaves per booklet and includes a Hippie Butler Kewltube. This product is proudly vegan and non-GMO and dyed using natural materials.

2. Joint Roller

Let’s be honest, if you are new joint rolling is hard. If you have never bothered to perfect this skill, just purchase a joint roller and make your life easier.

3. Joint Filter Top

Now that you have rolled the perfect joint, don’t ruin it with a less than perfect filter.  Look for one that enhances air-flow and is 100% natural and chlorine free. 

4. Rolling Tray

A stylish rolling tray is a must to ensure that you are spending your time enjoying your smoke and not vacuuming up still usable material. Coordinate with your Moroccan Ashtray (below) for a stylish and functional home set up.

5. Hemper Keeper 3-in-1 Storage

No more plastic bags that will eventually end up in the ocean. The Hemp Keeper has two storage compartments for keeping herbs and ground material separate. You can ground with the built-in grinder that makes a fluffy grind. To put the topping on the cake it is air, water, and smell proof.   

6. Grinder Card

If you don’t want to carry the Hemp Keeper then a pocket grinder card is a must for on the go fun. Choose one with a sleeve and a design that makes you happy in your prep. Think of this as a kitchen zester that doesn’t need you to bring the kitchen with you when you are on the go.

7. Moroccan Ashtray

No one wants to look at used roaches and ashes. This is a deep ashtray with a curved top that beautifully covers the unsightly piece of the fun. 

Do you know the great thing about all of these products? Like most things today, we found them on Amazon.

Are You Ready?

Have you spent your time on Amazon or elsewhere purchasing all the right smoking accessories you? If yes, check out some more great articles and then sit back and enjoy.