6 Ways To Make Working From Home Easier

The modern world has changed immeasurably over the last few years, and the advent of the internet has made working from home a real possibility because communications have never been quicker and there is no longer a need for colleagues to group together in an office. Furthermore, the Corona pandemic has hastened the closure of offices and has left people with little choice but to work from home. However, there can be drawbacks, such as being easily distracted, whether by the kids or the television, and it can also be lonely. 

Today, we are going to take a look at 6 ways to make working from home easier. 

Plan Your Time Wisely

Being at home can be very distracting. You may have family around you, or you have that latest Netflix series in the back of your mind just begging to be watched. It is important, therefore, to plan your day, and set yourself little goals and challenges. Don’t make that first cup of tea until you’ve read the first batch of emails. Reward yourself little by little and you will find your productivity increases. Try and set a working schedule from 9-5 as if you were in a busy office, set meetings, set email time, or set research time. 

Hide Distractions 

There is nothing worse than being distracted when you are in full flow, and in this day in age, there are more distractions than you can think of, from that email or WhatsApp alert to a screaming child downstairs. Set a clear plan when you will read emails, and do not allow any personal notifications outside breaktimes. This will allow you to concentrate more on the task at hand, and in turn, you will become more efficient. If you have children or a partner in the home set distinct times when you can interact with them, you may even find that these moments become more valuable as your time isn’t being diluted.

Dress for Work

Sounds stupid, eh?! Why on earth would I put on that suit or wear that smart blouse if I’m going to be sat alone and no one will see me? Well, the mere act of dressing for work puts you in the right frame of mind to get down to work. You will feel a sense of belonging and motivation as you dress before work and then again at 6 pm when you switch into your lounge clothes and enjoy a cold beer or snack.

Be Comfortable

It’s logical to suggest that if we are feeling happy and comfortable then we are more likely to be productive in our work, right? Exactly. There is nothing worse than having that nagging pain in the back due to an uncomfortable chair, or having that slight headache due to too much screen time. Lounge chairs, for example, will not only improve your comfort but also improve your posture. A quick look at Bybespoek Eames chairs and you would wish to have bought one sooner. Just imagine working without having to deal with lower back pains, now isn’t that a treat. There are also many protectors available for your computer to protect your eyes. How about adjustable tables that you can adjust and move around easily. The lesson here is the more comfortable you are the quicker your day will pass and the more you will get done. 

Talk to People

Working alone at home can be lonely so it is important to make time during your working day to talk to people, whether they are colleagues, friends, or a partner. Being accountable for your actions is also a great tool to increase your productivity. If you know your partner or friend is going to ask whether you sent that dreaded email to your boss, then you are much more likely to have done it. 

Take a Walk

Lacking motivation and struggling to see the wood for the trees? Then why not go outside and literally take a look at those trees? If you are couped up all day long inside those four walls you will drive yourself mad, your mind will wander and you will become significantly less productive. Plan two 15 minute walks a day to allow yourself time to smell nature and listen to the birds, and you will be surprised at how your mood will change, and that when you return to your office you will be freshly motivated to get on with the tasks at hand. 

As we have seen there are many ways to make working from home easier. These can be as simple as planning your day better and hiding distractions, to actively getting out of the office for a short change of scene to boost your motivation. Ultimately we are creatures of comfort so the more at ease we are in the office the more productive we are. Finally, don’t forget to communicate with people to increase productivity and decrease boredom, we are social beings after all!