6 Totally Fun and Strange Sports to Try with Friends and Family

Are you looking for a fun way to spend time with family and friends? With barbeque season coming, there will be more opportunity for time spent outside. Maximize your fun by trying a unique new sport.

Getting active with the people in your life is a great way to have a blast, get exercise, and build relationships. Participating in a weird sport ups the entertainment factor, as the novelty helps level the playing field.

Keep reading for 6 strange sports to play this summer.

1. Egg Throwing

Traditional sports reward viewers with feats of strength and displays of athleticism. egg throwing, on the other hand, rewards viewers with plenty of laughs.

A game as simple as it sounds, contestants stand across from each other, lobbing raw eggs back and forth. After each successful turn, they each take a step back, increasing both the distance and difficulty.

The last one without egg on their face is the winner.

2. Cheese Rolling

This surprisingly popular event requires a wheel of cheese, a large hill, and a group of people ready to race down an incline. First one to the bottom (whether by running or by rolling) wins the cheese.

Gloucestershire, UK, holds an annual cheese rolling event that draws thousands. This has led to other cities hosting their own cheese-rolling events.

3. PickleBall

Despite the name, pickleball is a food-free event. Instead, it democratizes sports like badminton and tennis by adding a whiffle ball. The unpredictable nature of the ball helps anyone develop a true advantage, though using one of the top pickleball paddles will help.

4. Zorbing

Think of a hamster ball. Now picture it large enough to fit a person, rolling down a hill. That’s zorbing.

Trading hard plastic for durable, inflated plastic, this sport can be as wild or as peaceful as you’d like. Looking for excitement? Build an obstacle course on a slope, and roll, lurch and launch your way through it. Prefer something a little quieter? Float along a quiet river or roll along level land.

5. Frisbee Golf

Frisbee golf is a great activity due to its laid-back nature. And since all you need is a frisbee, it’s low-cost to play, too. Set up some baskets or targets and take turns trying to reach it with a frisbee.

The slower-pace makes it a great recreational past-time for those looking for something to compliment an afternoon outside. You can make it more challenging as your skills develop, or keep it simple so that others aren’t overwhelmed.

6. Joggling

Juggling is one of those skills that always draws attention. It develops coordination and balance and also draws a crowd.

Challenge family members to a juggling competition. As soon as they start getting the hang of it, it’s time to get tough.

Joggling takes the skill of juggling and the activity of jogging and combines them into a sport that requires intense focus, athleticism, and balance. It also offers plenty of opportunity for laughs for those watching.

Final Thoughts on Strange Sports

Engaging family and friends in activities can be a challenge. People are often intimidated to compete with others they think may be better than them. Introducing these strange sports is a great way to put everyone on a level playing field.

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