6 Running Hydration Tips for Long-Distance Runners and Serious Hobbyists

Did you know that around 75% of Americans aren’t drinking the recommended amount of water?

If you have an early morning run, you might feel worried about hydration. It’s easy to forget to stay hydrated when you’re focused on running. But you’ll end up negating your health benefits if you aren’t drinking enough water.

Don’t panic yet.

In this guide, you’ll learn tips on running hydration. Read on below to learn how.

1. Start Hydrating Early

Proper hydration for runners starts by drinking water as early as you can. It gives your body much-needed water to cool down as the day progressing. It does so without having a heavy stomach before the run.

Drink small water amounts after waking. Keep a water bottle near you as the day progresses. This ensures you take small sips instead of big gulps.

2. Drink Before Each Meal

If you do this, you’re more hydrated when running while reducing your meal size. It’s a tested diet tip that ensures you’re less hungry while eating. If you overload with food before running, you become slower and less energetic.

3. Use Thirst When Drinking

Everyone has varying nourishment needs. This includes the right amount of food and water necessary to maintain performance when running long distances. That’s why the rules for optimal water consumption isn’t permanent.

This means drinking only when you’re thirsty. Think about the water amount you can drink to be at peak performance. It’s important even if you aren’t competing in races, so notice your bodily cues first.

4. Get Lots of Electrolytes

It’s more important to know your electrolyte consumption than how to carry water while running. This impacts your hydration levels, meaning sweating while running isn’t all about water. If you’re running for long distances, it’s better to drink fluids containing electrolytes or take salt supplements.

5. Limit Coffee and Alcohol

These substances aren’t great in keeping you hydrated. If you’re running long distances, don’t drink these fluids beforehand. These can contribute to dehydration since a bottle of cold beer the night before can speed up your dehydration process faster.

6. Use Hydration Packs

When running, wear a hydration pack since it helps you drink small sips. It’s a good practice to sip water in small doses while you progress with your run. Avoid gulping large fluid amounts before and after the run.

You can get the best hydration packs here if you don’t own one yet. But even with this, finding the right level of running hydration can take a few tries. Try asking your physician about the right amount of hydration for you.

Maintain Running Hydration Today!

These are some tips to maintain running hydration, even with long-distance running. Use them to ensure you’re hydrated regardless of the distance you cover. Don’t settle for second-guessing since getting extreme dehydration can lead to severe medical conditions.

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