5 Tips to Avoid Casino Scams

Scams occur in online and traditional casinos. These practices vary in their execution and implementation, but it is possible to recognize a scam before you become a victim. You should especially watch out for scams in online casinos.

Considering how easy it is to open and close a website, some companies may be set up solely to scam a few players. In this guide, we will cover some tips to help you to avoid casino scams.

Look Out for Very High Bonuses

Online casinos are known for offering high bonuses. The welcome bonus is typically the highest since it is intended to entice new clients to join the site. But you should always be wary of casinos that offer outrageous welcome bonuses since these may not be legitimate sites. It can be especially concerning if the casino does not have wagering requirements that match the bonus.

The highest non-suspicious bonus you can expect is 300%, with a limit of $500. Such promotions will have tough conditions that almost always make them useless. As a business, the casino has to make money, and that will be hard with outrageous bonuses. It does not mean that you have to rule out all casinos that have attractive offers bonuses. Just be careful when carrying out your research.

Check the Reputation of the Site

With the increased popularity of online gambling, people have developed forums where players leave reviews of the services. It has made it easy to learn about the casinos before you sign up on their websites. Usually, you will find positive and negative reviews of different sites, but you should be able to observe a pattern with the comments.

Some companies pay for reviews or even post positive comments on their own. If there are only a few reviews, and they are all positive, you should be careful with the site since the comments may not be genuine. But with hundreds of reviews, you can almost be sure that the service is pretty trustworthy.

Check the License

All legitimate casinos have licenses from reputable bodies. These certifications are usually displayed at the bottom of the websites. Licensing bodies like the United States government set very high standards for gambling sites, and it prevents scam services from operating in certain jurisdictions. The most trustworthy licensees at the moment are the United Kingdom Gaming Commission (UKGC) and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

A license shows that the casino has set up measures to ensure security, safety, fairness, and quality of its service. Also, you can always be sure that your money is held safely in an account separate from the one used to hold the casino’s operating funds.

In case you have a dispute with the casino, you will be able to get a fair resolution through the means provided by the licensing body. The casino will be required to enlist the services of a third party that will be used to settle the dispute. It further makes it hard for the casinos to run scams.

The licensing bodies will also require the sites to observe high levels of safety since clients have to register with their personal information. This security can be achieved by using the latest encryption technology. The casino also has to publish a privacy policy, which can be accessed by anyone interested in knowing how their private information will be used. 

You can go through the privacy policy to see whether the site will share your information with any other party. You will also learn how they intend to ensure the security of any data that is shared.

According to Scam Detector, poker scams are especially easy to organize, even for the sites that are licensed. Therefore, you should make a point of looking out for unusual patterns in the games you play. Usually, in the real world, physical casinos will invest in commercial security as that’s critical for the safety and stability of the casinos clientele. 

Check the Software Used

There are many software providers for online casinos, and new ones are started every now and then. The older and more reputable software providers are more expensive for casinos to lease, and the cheaper ones may not always be reputable. Still, you can always carry out your research on the different providers before signing up with the services.

If you go for a site that uses rogue software for their games, you may never win any money since the games may be rigged. Games like progressive jackpots may never payout to the real players since the sites can easily arrange to collect the winnings every time.

Mike Tan, a partner at OCG, noted, “if you were to do the math, your odds for progressive jackpots would be about the same for winning your local state lottery.” For this reason, players may not be suspicious even after spending thousands of dollars on the jackpots.

A few bodies regulate these software providers to ensure that the machines are fair and random. It means you may make multiple winnings in a row, or you may lose all the games you play. You should check whether the software provider enlists the services of these bodies.

Check the Banking Options

Reputable sites will list many options for deposits and withdrawals. They will usually include a few e-wallets, while wire transfer is specifically meant for large withdrawals and deposits. Unscrupulous sites will offer options like Money Gram and Western Union. It is much harder for operators to stop scams payments with such services, and that is why they appeal to unfair services.

According to CNBC, it is important to check the banking options available since some scams may not be easy to identify. Many players can spend money on the site without realizing that they are being scammed.


Placing bets in online casinos is fun. You can gamble without leaving your home and even win huge amounts of money. According to Gambling News Magazine, it is possible to sharpen your gambling skills when playing on reliable websites.

However, you should be careful when choosing a betting site since some are illegitimate and will not offer you any chance of winning. Make sure you go through reviews of the casinos before signing up. It will help you to get an overall picture of the chosen service.