5 Surfing Destinations in Asia That are Worth Trying

Asia is a paradise for surfers of every level from absolute beginners to seasoned pros. Asia boasts some of the most exhilarating breaks that can be found anywhere on earth. As well as the fantastic surfing conditions, visitors to popular Asian surfing destinations will be spoiled by golden beaches, sunny weather, crystal clear oceans, and world-class cuisine. If you are planning a surfing trip in the East, here is our list of five surfing destinations in Asia that are worth trying.

1. The Philippines

The Philippines is an absolute must-visit destination for every surfer. Whilst the Philippines itself is not a large country, it boasts an incredible 36,289km of coastlines, the fifth-longest in the world which offers some truly unique surfing experiences. In the 1970s, the little town of Baler of the island of Luzon became the unofficial capital of surfing after the famous surfing scene in Apocalypse Now and Baler today is still a fantastic surfing destination. In recent years, the island of Siargao has become a popular destination due to its famous breaks, international surf competitions, and still relatively unspoilt beaches.

2. Indonesia

Indonesia’s coastline is even longer than that of the Philippines and stretches for a remarkable 54,716km, the second-longest in the world. Bali, the famed Island of the Gods, is the undisputed hotspot for surfing in Indonesia. Perhaps the only downside to Indonesia’s incredible surf scene is that it is too incredible, and as a result, popular places like Kuta can be very crowded during high season. On the other hand, this influx of surf tourism means that accommodation, restaurants, and bars are in abundance. You will also find many market stalls selling surf gear, but be wary as the merchandise will most likely be counterfeit. The guys at https://www.southernman.com.au/ suggest that it is better to pick up your gear from reputable sources to make sure that you have quality gear. Also, remember to pack some party gear if that’s your vibe. Indonesia’s weather is truly enviable with average temperatures of 82°F in the breezy coastal areas. Some of the most popular spots on the island include Uluwatu, Padang Padang, and Kuta. The island of Lombok is another fantastic destination for year-round surfing as well as Java and North Sumatra. 

3. Sri Lanka

Whilst Sri Lanka’s 1,340km long coastline pales in comparison to those of the Philippines and Indonesia, in recent years Sri Lanka is making a name for itself amongst the best surf destinations on the planet. The best surf spots can be found along the south and southwest coasts as well up in the eastern side of the island. The most popular beaches are Hikkaduwa, Weligama, and Marissa in the south and southwest and Arugam Bay in the East. As well as surfing, visitors to Sri Lanks can enjoy incredible local cuisine, visit stunning temples and at the right time of year go whale watching. Like Indonesia, Sri Lanka’s weather is perfect with temperatures averaging between 81°F and 84°F.

4. Thailand

Thailand has an admirable 3,219km of coastline and is one of the most popular tourist spots in the world for all kinds of visitors, not just surfers. You can find every vibe imaginable in Thailand from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok to the lazy paradise of the islands and for surf fanatics, there is no shortage of incredible spots. Phuket is number one for surfing in Thailand and arguably for tourism in general and the best waves can be found at Kalim Beach as well as Kata Beach and Surin Beach. Southern Thailand, where Phuket is located has only two seasons, the wet season and the dry season so if you want to avoid the rain it is best to visit between November and February. 

5. Vietnam

Similar in length to Thailand’s, Vietnam’s coastline stretches 3,260km along the Eastern side of the country and Vietnam is fast becoming one of the hottest new surf destinations in Asia. Already a favorite of backpackers and gastronomically inclined visitors, Vietnam in recent years has been drawing the surf crowds away from the traditionally more popular beaches of Thailand and Indonesia and surfers have not been disappointed. Vietnam has some of the most postcard-perfect beaches in all of the world and with world-famous food and accommodation to suit every budget, Vietnam is one of the most ideal vacation spots anywhere in Asia. 

Whether you are just starting on your surfing career or you are an award-winning surf pro, the beaches of Asia have everything you could dream of; wicked breaks, golden beaches, palm trees, and ocean breezes. Check out any of the places on our list and you won’t be disappointed.