5 of the Best Music Supergroups Ever

When well-established musical talents decide to join forces, the results are often historic. Known as supergroups, these bands have the ability to capture the essence of multiple artists in one distinct sound.

A supergroup can also define the sound of a particular generation. This is why these mega-bands are so beloved.

If you’re ready to expand your knowledge of supergroups, keep reading. We’re going over five of the most popular.

1. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

This powerhouse was comprised of some of the most talented songwriters of the 1960s. David Crosby was originally in the iconic band, The Byrds. Stephen Stills from Buffalo Springfield along with Graham Nash from The Hollies teamed up with Crosby in 1968.

A year later Neil Young joined the band to complete the outfit. They’re known for intricate harmonies and thought-provoking lyrics.

The band played together into the mid-70s until Young dropped out. Crosby, Stills & Nash have performed on and off since then.

2. LSD

Yes, modern-day supergroups exist. LSD is certainly an interesting one.

This group consists of British rap artist Labrinth, music producer Diplo, and the Australian singer Sia. The band’s sound is an eclectic mix of pop and hip-hop, with Sia providing a theatric vocal sensibility.

LSD released an album in early 2019 after putting out six singles. If you like their sound, check out this stuntin like my daddy labrinth mp3 download as well.

3. Temple of the Dog

As far as the grunge era is concerned, Temple of the Dog may be the best-known supergroup. Formed by Chris Cornell of Soundgarden, the band also consisted of members of Pearl Jam. Eddie Vedder sang on several tracks as well.

The band only released one album, but critics and grunge fans praised it. The single “Hunger Strike,” which included Vedder, made it to number four on the Billboard charts.

4. The Travelling Wilburys

While recording a solo album in 1987, George Harrison and Jeff Lynne had the idea of forming a supergroup. They contacted folk icon Bob Dylan and rock-country songwriter Roy Orbison about the idea.

Dylan suggested adding friend and tour partner Tom Petty to the band. The five musicians quickly found they got along great, so decided to officially form The Traveling Wilburys.

Their sound was a perfect balance of folk and rock, with each musician leaving a district mark on the sound.

5. Cream

Considered by many as the first supergroup, Cream formed in 1966. The band consisted of legendary drummer Ginger Baker, bassist Jack Bruce, and Eric Clapton.

Baker and Bruce both came from the Graham Bond Organisation. Clapton played in several projects, including The Yardbirds, Blind Faith, and the Plastic Ono Band.

Aside from their infectious blues-psych sound, Cream is also known for putting out “Wheels of Fire,” the first platinum double-album ever.

Find Out Which of These Supergroups Suits You

The supergroups listed above are great examples of what happens when music professionals decide to team up. Listen to each of them and find your new favorite band.

Then, check out other supergroups who’ve made their mark on music history.

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