5 Great Benefits of Purchasing a Fleet Management System

Are you drowning in paperwork and repetitive management tasks?

If you answered yes to that question, you might not have heard how technology can help you optimize your workflow.

Other companies have caught on. The fleet management software industry grew to a value of $4 billion in 2018.

You might think twice about adding on an additional expense, but there is a good reason for the cost.

Keep reading to learn five ways a fleet management system can help your business and bottom line.

1. Easier Scheduling

Being able to dispatch your fleet quickly can make or break your business. If you are still doing this by hand, you are opening yourself up to potential mistakes and a lot of time spent on repetitive tasks.

Fleet software can handle this process for you by centralizing your fleet management on the web. You can log into your management portal to view and assign tasks to your drivers.

For drivers to see their routes, they only need to log in to check where they need to be going.

2. Automate Reporting

How often do you look at the numbers to see where you stand?

Your software can give you reports at whatever time intervals you want. This automation means you don’t have to spend the time to compile reports yourself.

These reports can give you insights into fleet trends, habits, and things you need to work on fixing.

3. Get Better Fuel Efficiency

An excellent management suite will be able to tell you how your fleet is performing on the roads.

Your software will make use of GPS and other sensors to inform you about your driver’s habits. This information will let you know if your drivers are doing things they aren’t supposed to be doing.

This data can help prevent actions that waste fuel, such as speeding and idling.

4. Lower Your Insurance Premium

When you have a fleet that has a lot of drivers, you’re going to be paying a lot for insurance.

Carrying insurance for a lot of people brings a lot of risks, and using fleet management services can help reduce that risk. Since you can get data on how your drivers operate, you have data to show insurance companies that prove that you aren’t as much of a risk.

Ask your insurance company about discounts they provide for using fleet management software. The amount your prices change can help offset the cost of your management software.

5. Get Real-Time Data

One of the most troubling things about managing fleets is not knowing where they are. Your software will provide you real-time data so you can keep track of your entire fleet.

With this data, you can make sure that drivers keep to task and you can monitor your fleet utilization.

Use a Fleet Management System to Improve Your Business

You have enough on your plate to worry about. When you bring a fleet management system into your business, you are bringing in a service that can help free you up to manage your business better.

Get a trial today to see how one can help.

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