5 Cool and Creative Camera Gadgets All Photographers Must Have

Photographers need more than just the perfect camera to capture the best photos. It’s all about the accessories that can really take photographers shots to a whole other level. If you’re curious about improving your photography keep reading to learn more about these five must-have camera gadgets. 

1. White-Balancing Tools Camera Gadgets 

A lot of digital cameras come with their own auto white balance function that will work in a pinch. But if you’re a serious photographer, you know the value of doing your own white balance on the spot. If this describes you, look into some of these latest gadgets for white balancing. 

Take Impact’s QuikBalance Collapsible 12″ Gray Panel, for example, this device is a nice modern twist on the standard grey card. One side of this tool is eighteen percent gray, which the other is a neutral white. When you place this in the same lighting as where your subject is, you can adjust the settings based on a base point that you can accurately post process later. 

You can apply this same concept with the X-Rite Original ColorChecker Card. This card features 24 colors and neutral grays that will mimic what you might be shooting such as foliage, skin tones, etc.

There is also the ExpoDisc 2.0 which is a favorite for wedding photographers because it’s small and compact. This is a circular filter that has two thread sizes either 82 or 77 millimeters. If your lenses are smaller than that, simply hold the disc up in place and shoot the sample. 

2. Replacement Camera Straps

Your camera probably came with a neck strap, but those are usually not designed for comfort. If you’re working on a longer shoot those straps can become incredibly uncomfortable and pretty much painful. If you want to avoid this strain, you’ll want to get your camera off your neck entirely.

You can do this with BlackRapid straps which are designed for you to wear from your shoulder to your hip so the weight is evenly distributed across your body. These straps come in a range of designs depending on the support you need.  

3. Memory-Card Wallets

You’ll need a memory card wallet to organize all of your shots. Memory cards on their own are tiny, delicate and easy to lose. You’ll want to look into something like the colorful little SD Pixel Pocket Rocket from ThinkTank.

4. Cleaning Kits

To get the best shots, you’re going to want to make sure you keep your camera clean. Cleaning your camera not only gets you the best shot, but it also can improve the longevity of your equipment. You should not be cleaning your lenses with a paper towel or t-shirt.

Instead, you’ll want to clean your camera safely with something like Zeiss Moist Cleaning Wipes. These wipes come in packs of 20 and come with a microfiber cloth. These wipes are designed to gently remove fingerprints, dirt, and dust from the surface of the lenses.

5. Camera Bag

It’s also important that you keep your camera in a safe place, so a quality camera bag is key. Check out Lowepro, which has a nice range of styles and sizes with retractable rain flaps and padded interiors to keep any camera safe. 

Accessorize Your Camera Today! 

These are just some camera gadgets that you can look into. Give your camera the love it deserves and up your photography game by investing in camera accessories today!