4 Steps to Producing a Memorable Sports Movie

Have you ever dreamt of creating your own sports movie? Before even getting into the technicalities of such a project, you have to look at producing a compelling, fleshed-out story.


The good news is that real-life sporting events often supply that story. There’s a reason why everything from Seabiscuit to Rocky has taken direct – or indirect – inspiration via remarkable events from the past.

Yet you need more than just a source of inspiration. This might serve as the foundation, but there’s more to creating a memorable sports movie than that element. This is evidenced by an in-depth analysis conducted by Betway Casino.

With that analysis in mind, this article will show the four steps any movie maker needs to take when producing a memorable story for a sports flick.

1. It needs a strong hero

Having a strong story is one thing, but this can fall apart if a compelling hero doesn’t lead it. If no backstory draws the audience in, it’s going to be a serious struggle to get them to care about your hero.

Keep in mind that this hero can take the form of an entire team. From a storytelling perspective, however, it’s much easier to focus on an individual protagonist. Not only is it relatively simple to tell the story of a single person as opposed to a squad of, say, 11, but the viewer can also become more invested in an individual rather than a team.

2. It requires realism

If the audience doesn’t believe the story is a possibility, they’re going to lose interest quickly. Sports movies are built on their realism and ability to tap into their emotional side. When this happens, a viewer is going to become more interested in the story being told.

This also revolves around the recreation of the sport itself. If it appears convincing and not out of place from an actual sports TV broadcast, the audience won’t be taken out of the moment unnecessarily.

3. It demands action

There’s a reason why you cannot find many movies revolving around golf or swimming, but boxing-related films are abundant. Simply put, no other sport can surpass boxing when it comes to being suited to cinema. To back this up, 20% of the top 50 sports films on IMDb are boxing ones.

A major reason behind this is due to the action supplied. Fights are dramatic and exciting, and they can turn at any second without being unrealistic.

4. It calls for a happy ending

Okay, not every brilliant sports film requires a happy ending where the main character is victorious. Million Dollar Baby demonstrates that with its gut-wrenching story.

However, an ending where the hero is triumphant is a safe bet for your film to have a satisfying conclusion. When viewers invest two or so hours of their time into a movie, they generally want to celebrate something in the end. It doesn’t necessarily have to result in a ‘win’, either – it’s the hero’s overall journey that counts.