April 28, 2016 0

The battlers on the card are: Yung Ill Swave Ill Will Prez Wavy Tink Chess Gluezy Badafi Green Rum Nitty Nunn Nunn Saga And rumor is the matchups are: Will vs Nitty Ill vs Wavy Swave vs Tink Badafi vs Glu Prez vs Nunn Nunn Chess vs Saga

How to Draw Tsu Surf (Tutorial)

April 25, 2016 0

Tsu Surf courtesy of OTBVA’s own: Ron Ron Da Dong Polls lookin a little more lively last week, 45 in total, but we can do better. Let’s make it to atleast a 100 votes for this week and I’ll release the next winner. Til then allow me to show you [Read More…]

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