15 Epic and Funny Subtitle Fails for the History Books

People usually don’t want to watch TV or films with subtitles unless they’re hard of hearing or it is in a foreign language. 

However, you’re definitely missing out on some really funny subtitles in some of the most famous TV shows and movies.

Occasionally it’s due to a poor translation from the original language. However, sometimes it’s just totally strange.

Subtitle fails always make us laugh out loud anyway. Check out some of the most epic and funny subtitles below. You’ll never watch TV without subtitles again!  

1. Friends

The American NBC sitcom lasted for over ten seasons over a decade. For many people, it continues to be a source of nostalgia.

There were many moments of laughter to be enjoyed by your favorite six buddies. However, with the subtitles on, there are more jokes to uncover.

Remember Janice, played by the actress Maggie Wheeler? Janice was Chandler’s “on and off again” over the first 4 seasons of Friends. 

But, the most memorable moments are always Janice’s laugh. The subtitle writers accurately described it as “Machine gun fire like laughter.”

2. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is one of the most widely regarded TV shows ever made. But, even the biggest fans might have missed the funny subtitles. 

Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul was known for swearing. In particular for his regular use of the phrases “yo” and “bitch.” 

Jesse undeniable makes numerous mistakes throughout the show. But, the subtitle writers put it plainly as “Fucks up Consistently.”

3. Trainspotting

Remember the toilet scene in Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting? I know, it’s hard to forget. 

Ewan McGregor’s character, Mark “Rent Boy” Renton needs to go to the toilet after placing two pills up his butt. It’s disgusting as it comes after that.

The subtitles summarize it nicely. Across the screen, “Sighing, Farting, Shitting.” 

4. Team America: World Police

The South Park guys broke new ground with the 2004 comedy movie Team America: World Police. 

The story follows a paramilitary police force who set out to save the world. Their enemy is the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-il (the father of the current leader of the regime) who leads a group of Islamic terrorists and Hollywood actors. 

While there is a lot of action in the film. When Kim is speaking the subtitles are satisfied with “speaks Korean gibberish.”

5. Fireplace

Do you want a fireplace for your home without any of the efforts? Well, Netflix has a solution. 

You can stream a recorded beautiful fireplace to display in your home. Feeling cozy? 

However, if you include the subtitles, you’ll see a description of “Crackling.” That’s good to know.

This just shows, no matter what, always add subtitles to video.  

6. Doctor Who

The British TV show has many fans all over the world. Whovians (fans of the show) all over the world debate the best Doctor there has ever been.

For some people, it is the cheeky Matt Smith. For others, it is the hardcore Christopher Eccleston.

Matt Smith featured on the show wearing his trademark bow tie. In an intense moment of the show, the subtitles displayed “angrily fixes bow.”

7. The Artist

The French comedy-drama charmed audiences around the world with the black-and-white silent movie. Subtitle writers feared they would be out of a job.

But, not to worry, they showed their value when they just added “silence continues” throughout the movie. 

8. Fox News

The 24-hour news cycle leaves subtitles in disarray. There are inevitably going to be subtitle errors here.

Following the terrible events of the Boston Marathon Bombing in April 2013, Fox News made a strange accusation. 

The terrorist suspect was named as “19-year-old Zooey Deschanel” by the subtitles. It turns out the star of Fox TV show New Girl was not who the police were looking for after all. 

9. The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings was an incredible saga. Audiences were always left wanting more at the end of each movie.

And yet, in the Swedish translation of the original movie had another take. As “the End” is displayed on the screen, the subtitle simply says “Slut.”

10. American Dad

Seth MacFarlane, the creator of Family Guy, is the mind behind American Dad’s hilarious humor. 

Just when you think American Dad couldn’t be any funnier, the subtitles surprise you once again. As Stan, voiced by MacFarlane, says “President Nixon is in the White House”, the subtitles mistake “house” for “hoe.”

11. Live News

While Fake News is always talked about nowadays. The news sometimes revealed more than it intended. 

As the former First Lady, Nancy Reagen was featured on the news report, the subtitle read “former fertile lady.”

12. Harry Potter

Harry Potter can always rely on his beloved snowy owl, Hedwig. However, the owl’s name isn’t always easy for subtitles to pick up. 

That’s why Potter announced, “Head Week, she was try to protect me” on one translation of the movie.

13. Star Wars

Star Wars fans can debate the meaning behind the stories of epic space opera for hours and hours. 

However, there would be wide agreement that Star Wars: Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith is not the same as “the backstroke of the west.”

14. Pirates of the Caribbean

We all enjoyed the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Has Johnny Depp ever been more majestic? Has Keira Knightly ever been so charming?

But, it seems by the fifth installment of the movie series even the subtitle writers have gotten bored. 

When Orlando Bloom is talking as Will Turner the subtitles simply read “this is Blah!” 

15. Parks and Recreation

Nick Offerman’s character of Ron Swanson, the committed libertarian does not laugh much. And when he does, he sounds like a little girl. 

However, as straight-faced as possible, it appears that the subtitle writers sense laughter behind those eyes. They simply write “[laughs].”

More Funny Subtitles

We hope you enjoyed our list of epic and funny subtitles. Now you’ll never be able to watch TV or movies again without turning on the subtitles. Don’t miss out!

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