10 Survival Movies You Need to Add to Your Watchlist

Some of the best survival films out there are both thrilling and terrifying to watch.

A few of these movies will keep you up at night thinking about how the main characters were able to survive throughout the roughest conditions. 

Are you curious to find out the top 10 survival movies you need to put on your own list right now?

Keep reading to discover the next film you need to watch this weekend.

1. The Martian

Matt Damon is lost in space in the science fiction film The Martian. This film shows how a stranded astronaut who is left on Mars must fight for his life using all of the knowledge and will-power he has inside him. 

His astronaut colleagues have no idea that Mark is left on Mars. They presume he is dead. However, Mark uses his knowledge as a botanist to start growing food by farming his toilet waste. 

This movie shows how one man can use limited resources on such an unfamiliar planet to survive on the red planet for as long as he can. 

2. The Perfect Storm

Talk about feeling seasick. The Perfect Storm is an iconic film from the year 2000 starring George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg. These fishermen are caught up in quite a nasty storm while out at sea.

The movie is also based on a true story of a fisherman’s vessel that experienced a turbulent ride soaring through the stormy waters in 1991. The giant wave scene in the movie will have you shutting your eyes in fear for the men on the vessel, that’s for sure. The acting and the graphics of this movie are both captivating for the audience to watch. 

This movie also has the potential to make you never want to jump on a boat again, but if you are brave enough you’ll watch the entire movie and still dream about setting sail on your own adventure, despite the ending. 

3. Castaway

How can we possibly leave out one of the greatest tales of survival ever made? Actor Tom Hanks will forever be known for his role in Castaway.

Leave it to Tom Hanks to play such a mentally and physically demanding character in this movie. Of course, his acting chops landed him a coveted Oscar nomination for his leading role. 

Once his plane goes down on a deserted island, a FedEx executive must find ways to stay alive all alone. Cast Away 

4. Apollo 13

Another great survival movie to put on the list is Apollo 13. Oxygen plays a major role in this space movie. Well, a lack of oxygen.

When a fire starts onboard the spacecraft, the astronauts struggle to stay alive despite this major setback. The movie follows the true story of the real spacecraft that experienced this same loss of oxygen back in the 70s. 

5. 127 Hours

Another movie based on real-life events is 127 Hours. Could you imagine getting trapped in a boulder while out rock climbing?

Aventure seekers will not only love this movie for the brilliance of the scenery, but they will become engulfed in Aron Ralston’s story of survival as he spends 127 hours figuring out a way to escape.

James Franco truly shines in his performance in 127 Hours making it a must-watch movie to put on your list.  

6. Pursuit of Happiness

Another story of survival puts Will Smith through it all. The Pursuit of Happiness shows another side to the actor as he portrays a man who is looking for his big break as a salesman. 

Broke and homeless, Will Smith plays Chris Gardner who must fight for the job of his life while sleeping on the streets with his young son. Chris instills this same smarts with his young son as he tells him to go after his dreams just like his father. 

This story is both emotional and inspirational. If you haven’t seen it yet, we highly recommend that you watch it because it’s one of the best-made films of this generation. 

7. Survival Movies: Into the Wild

Back to the woods, we go in this film about survival. Into the Wild contains everything from going off the grid to dealing with the cold and bitter Alaskan winters. 

Into the Wild is based off a true cautionary tale. Although the main character comes from a wealthy family and he has the potential to make a stable career, Chris McCandless feels lonely and lost.

To find his true self he embarks on a cross-country journey embracing a minimalist lifestyle as he ditches most of his materialistic possessions and trades them in for authentic experiences. Tragic and beautiful, this story will move you to tears. 

8. The Revenant

Leonardo DiCaprio finally won himself an Oscar award for his role in this movie. Elements of survival found in this movie include the wilderness and plenty of open forests. 

Native American survival skills are necessary as his character continues to tackle difficult challenges in front of him, such as huge bears. 

9. Deep Water

The ocean can be terrifying if you find yourself stranded out at sea. Deep Water will show you exactly why you would hate to be stuck in the middle of the water because you never know what could be lurking underneath you.  

This movie shows a boat race gone wrong as one unlucky lone-sailor traveled deeper and deeper off track in order to win the race. Of course, you can seek more info on survival by properly preparing yourself for your own water adventure so you stay safe unlike the men in this movie. 

10. The Edge

One final movie to add to our list of survival movies is The Edge because this movie includes plenty of challenging decisions between two men as they face the terror of one huge grizzly bear. 

Want More Movies to Watch?

These are just 10 of the best survival movies that you must-see this year if you have yet to watch them in the comfort of your home.

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