10 Great Family Movies That’ll Keep You and the Kids Glued to the Screen

Families that include routine quality time together in their lives create more socially and emotionally connected children.

Finding the time and money, in addition to deciding on something we all like, can be a challenge. Watching great family movies that we will all enjoy is a cheap and reliable option.

Movies develop into conversations that bonds our families for life. These memories from the time spend together fill our minds with laughter and joy.

Pick the right type of film to keep you and your little ones interested all the way through until the end.

I have already done the work by making this list of 10 of the best family movies. Choose your favorite and start watching.

Top 10 Great Family Movies

1. The Back to the Future Trilogy

Family movies aren’t also animated, in fact, live adventure and action films hit the top of the list for highest grossing at the box office. 

This classic, directed by Steven Spielberg, offers us a thrill with a hint of comedy that proves family movie night is better than game night

Even though we have passed the date considered to be the future in part two, it is entertaining for kids to see Spielberg’s prediction of 2015 as the future. And for parents, we get to reminisce the 1980’s or (depending on your age) the 1950’s.  

2. Up

This tear-jerker animated film is one of my favorite movies for families since it includes comedy and sentiment.

By pairing an old man who is set in his ways with a curious young boy scout, we get to see how we are all the same no matter what age. We all want companionship and adventure in our lives. 

It also includes crazy characters, talking dogs, and a villain to overcome. The climax comes when the main character overcomes his fear of conformity and opts for a real adventure with the help of a friend.

Children learn life lessons of perseverance, and adults learn how to be children again.

3. Hook

An oldie but goodie version of the timeless fairy tale Peter Pan makes it to the top of my list. I could watch it over and over again because of its magical charm.

Set in Peter Pan’s adulthood, Peter has forgotten Neverland and with it the wisdom and skills of his childhood. He can no longer fly, fight, or crow as a stuck-up, busy lawyer.

His own children bring the story of Peter Pan back to life and reignite their father’s imagination. Adult Peter finds his youth once again in order to reconnect with his children.

4. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 

Another Steven Spielberg masterpiece shows us that aliens aren’t all bad. In fact, they want the same thing we all desire: to feel the comfort of home.

This film also shows the compassion of children and how they are willing to help those in need. Elliot, the main character, becomes so empathetic to his new alien friend that his own health mimics E.T.’s.

Both kids and adults will enjoy the adventure to overcome the obstacles that keep us from reaching our true selves. 

5. Coraline

A dash of fantasy and family-friendly horror makes this 3D stop-motion animation film a wonder to watch.

A little girl fights for her parent’s attention, but she gets more than she deserves from her “other parents” as she gets trapped in her own fantasy world.

My children enjoy helping Coraline through her crazy mishaps with her neighbors. Then, celebrate with her as she realizes her real parents were perfect from the start (just busy).

This is one of those movies that my family loves to show at backyard parties where we can rent our own screen and sound system. The contrasting visuals and orchestrated composition shine on the big screen.

Here is a useful site to rent your own backyard theater.

6. Big

Every kid dreams of growing up; they get to drive, buy all the junk food they desire, and stay up all night. What they don’t realize is that jobs and relationships are more complicated then they seem to a kid.

Tom Hanks gets what he wishes for when he goes from 12 to 30 overnight, moves to NYC and starts working at a toy marketing company. We get to see his transformation as his mind catches up with the body of an adult. 

After seeing this best family comedy, my kids want to stay children for as long as possible. 

7. Ratatouille

We all have aspirations, but sometimes where or who we are born as makes achieving those goals a bit difficult. When a rat wants to be a chef, problems arise.

In order to cook, the “little chef” has to use the body of a human. Impressing people wasn’t hard, but revealing the master behind the food was less than disappointing.

This is one of those family funny movies that will keep you disgusted and hungry at the same time. 

8. Boss Baby

The best family movies include cute cuddling babies. And this one has thousands of them who all work at Baby Corp. 

Yes, babies have an agenda: to be the center of attention without being found out. This boss baby tries to stop the CEO of Puppy Corp from taking over the cute-and-cuddly market.

Families can laugh out loud at an over-bearing baby who still needs his diaper changed. 

9. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

A different perspective on life couldn’t be more dramatic when you are the size of an ant. 

If my dad was an inventor, I would stay away from his shrink machine. These kids learned their lesson fast after spending the weekend crossing their own lawn.

Join the adventure as we get to see what it’s like to ride on a bumble bee and slide down the blade of grass to return back to normal size. 

10. Guardians of the Galaxy

As one of the best family funny movies, with action-packed adventure, I couldn’t leave this superhero film off the list. 

Follow a team of misfit heroes on an adventure to save the galaxy.

Filled with sarcastic humor and silly characters like a tough-guy raccoon, parents will laugh just as hard as the kids. And the action will keep the kids glued to the screen. 

Make it a Movie Night

Being on a tight budget shouldn’t keep us from spending quality time with our loved ones, watching great family movies is the cheap and fun option.

We can make it fun and eventful by getting tons of popcorn, pouring our favorite drink, and laying out some blankets to get extra cozy. It’s all about the ambiance to make our night special and memorable.