The Best Headphones for Under 50

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Looking for headphones that offer comfortable design and impressive sound quality? In our previous posts, we mentioned headphones priced at under 200 and 100. You’re probably thinking you need to shell out a good amount of cash for a good pair. You don’t have to, really. Did you know there are amazing headphones available in the market today that are affordable? Great sound, great design, great price. Check out our top picks for the best headphones for under 50. Are you looking to buy a good pair of headphones? One that has awesome sound quality and powerful bass. Like a true blue audiophile, you’ll probably want the zero-sound-leakage, noise-cancelling type that offers the full aural experience. And for your comfort, which is ideal during prolonged use, may we recommended padded earcups that clamp on your ears and cause inflammation? With all these features, you’re probably thinking a good pair of headphones will burn a hole through your pocket. Well, not necessarily. There are plenty of high-end headphones that don’t carry a hefty price tag. In our previous posts, we listed the best headphones for under 200. And if you don’t have that kind of budget, we also offered our selection of the most value-for-money headphones for under 100. If this is a first-time in a long while that you’ve toe-dipped into the market for headphones, worry not. We’ll help you find the best headphones that fit your budget. For this article, we put together the best headphones for under 50. After all, you don’t have to shell out a huge amount for a little piece aural happiness.   Choosing Your Perfect Pair of Headphones Whether you’re lounging at home or in crunch mode at the office, many of us spend a lot of time with the headphones on. Some extend [Read More…]

The Best Headphones for Under 100

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When picking a new set of headphones, what features do you take into consideration? Do you look for comfort? This criterion bears a heavy weight for audiophiles who spends hours engrossed on their audio or video. Or do you look for stellar audio quality? Perhaps headphones with Bluetooth and wireless capabilities too. If you’re looking for excellent brands that don’t burn a hole in your pocket, check out our selection. Here are our top picks on the best headphones for under 100. OK, so you’ve decided to replace your old, worn-out headphones with new ones. But it’s been a while since you’ve looked for best brands. So it’s safe to say you’re a newbie in the market for a good pair of headphones. If you’re like us, you’d probably choose a solid headset that’s affordable; that is, unless you’re willing to skip grocery shopping for about a week or a month. But then again, you’ll have to do the grunt work if you want to get the most bang (or sonic boom) for your buck. Looking for the best headphones that are reasonably priced? With so many options to choose from, we understand it can be tough to make a definite choice. Rather than sending you on a wild goose chase, we’ve put together a list of our top picks. So close your Amazon tabs at the moment and settle in for our selection of the best headphones for under 100. Yes, we picked 100 as the magic number. We took the liberty of setting the wallet limit and didn’t go overboard. But in doing so, we didn’t sacrifice quality in our picks. Hopefully you’ll find what you like. Key Considerations When Picking Headphones But before we go into our top picks on the best headphones for under 100, we [Read More…]

The Best Headphones for under 200

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Are you looking for the best headphones under 200? We’ve rounded up some of the best music-listening gadgets at competitive prices that you can buy this 2018. So you don’t have to search through a gazillion websites and read through their reviews. Like most consumers, we understand you may have a ceiling for the price. For this article, we’ve setup a $200 wallet limit (even if we were tempted to go all out). From running headsets to wireless headphones, we’ve have something in store for you. Check out our listing of today’s excellent yet affordable headphones. For audiophiles, nothing beats headphones that provide raw sound quality with noise-cancelling features. Imagine immersing yourself into your exclusive world. Nothing else exist; it’s just you and the pleasing vibrations of sound. Enthralled by your music, you can lose yourself into the harmony and expression of emotions, all of which are embodied in your favorite songs. There are a diverse array of headphones out there. The selection ranges from wireless operation headsets to over-ear studio monitor headphones. There are headphones that allows you to run with it or wear it during your workout. But most make for a perfect companion during your “me time.” It’s easy to lose yourself with the wide assortment of headphones available in today’s market. One moment you’re adding items into the cart. Then the next thing you know, you went overboard with your budget. Does this sound familiar to you? Because it happened to us too. Key Considerations When Choosing Headphones What features do you look for when choosing headphones? Do you simply stick to gadgets that offer optimum sound quality? Or is ergonomics also a crucial criterion? Would you consider the price? Or do you look into the other extra features before making a purchase? We looked through [Read More…]

Trending Music Listening and Making Accessories

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When it comes to hip-hop music, you can’t expect a one-track trend with it. You look into the current course of hip-hop and rap, and you’ll see a lot of shapes and forms of the genre. There’s the aggressive sound, there’s the mellow tune, there’s the emotionally expressive type, etc. Whether you like it melodic, catchy, or saber-rattling, the genre has a lot to offer. Here are the latest in trending hip-hop music. What comes to mind when you think of trending hip-hop music? Whether you identify with indie artists or follow the mainstream personalities, hip-hop and rap has shaped cultures and formed conventions. Everyone has their own opinion about the genre. And everyone who is passionate about the music may have their inclinations. But at the end of the day, hip-hop will always be hip-hop. It’s more than just sound. It is a way of life. If you followed the trends in music in 2017, the industry brought us many of the pop heavyweights. Last year, we saw much of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. We also heard a lot of Bruno Mars and The Chainsmokers. With 2018 underway, the year is already off to an exciting trend. To say the year had a busy start is an understatement. In 2017, we also heard news of a massive legal action against Spotify. There were also high-profile festival lineups (and that one festival scheduled for the Bahamas and marketed as a ultra-luxurious event but ended like a hellish chaos). Sizzling 2017 with the Latin Fever 2017 also marked the time of the Latin takeover. The duo of Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee brought us the record-breaking hit “Despacito.” The song was followed by other hits with Latin roots, like “Havana” by Camila Cabello and “Mi Gente” by the Colombian reggaeton [Read More…]

Awesome Shirts for the Hip-Hop Lover

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Looking for hip-hop-inspired T-shirts by indie artists and designers? Want to get your dope swag on with cool graphic tees? Whether you’re in a band or just love the genre, hip-hop is more than just music. It’s a lifestyle. It defines the person. So if you’re into hip-hop music and lifestyle, check out these awesome shirts. Hip-hop isn’t just about listening to the sound of upbeat percussion, rhythmic singing, and rhyming speech. It’s a lifestyle. You can say it’s also a culture, spanning decades of inner city living. The music, the dancing, the beatboxing, the graffiti; they are all part of the culture. From def jam poetry to breakdancing, hip-hop is a unique movement that has a profound impact on many. Not just in the U.S. but around the globe. It is truly a class of its own. But there is so much more than meets the eye. Hip-hop brings a whole new dimension to a lot of things, including language, tradition, and art. Among those influenced by the hip-hop lifestyle is apparel. It is safe to say hip-hop is taking over the world of fashion. From urban streetwear to footwear, hip-hop cast a thick influence on designers and artists. Not only has it touched the hearts and lives of many, hip-hop has also spread onto the mainstream and even into the inner circle of elite fashionistas. From New York to Japan, from Europe to Australia, from South America to Asia, the reach of hip-hop has come round full circle. The Evolution of Hip-Hop-Inspired Clotheswear It is undeniable. Hip-hop is the fastest growing music genre in recent decades. More so, it is the most influential culture in the last years. What once seemed like a subculture is now the mainstream. If you noticed, today’s fashion borrowed a lot of ideas [Read More…]

The Nicest Hoodies in Store for You This 2018

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Looking for a sportswear staple that’s cozy yet fashionable? It’s difficult not to think about the humble hoodie. This item of clothing has gone from sports fields to fashion runways. It penetrated subcultures and street lifestyle. And for a time, it was banned due to its heavy association with gangs. As colorful a history that it has, the recent years marked its golden era. Want to get the latest trends on the nicest hoodies? Check out out top picks for 2018. If there’s one piece of clothing that best epitomizes streetwear in urban subcultures, it would be the humble hoodie. The sportswear trend began in the 90s and has evolved into a global fashion phenomenon. But what’s so special about a sweatshirt with a hood on its back? One of the things that kept fashion’s ongoing love affair with hoodies is its stylishness and comfort. Not to mention, hoodies are very functional too. You have a hood that protects and gives warmth to your head. When it comes to urban streetwear, hoodies are what first comes to mind. It tops the list of every conceivable piece of clothing that’s distinctly urban subculture. Truly a wonder garment. While youth culture back in the days of James Dean were obsessed about white T-shirts, denim, and tough leather boots, this generation looks to the nicest hoodies as a style staple. And it’s not just men that are wearing them. It can also be a definitive womenswear garment. It’s the fashion of this generation. This is the golden era of hoodies. Hoodies As Wardrobe Staples The ever-increasing popularity of hoodies led to streetwear brands and fashion labels taking notice. Big names also realized people aren’t afraid of spending wads on designer sportswear items. And it’s not just on hoodies; joggers and track tops too. [Read More…]

The Hottest Hats in the World of Hip-Hop

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If there’s anything celebrities and other high-profile personalities prefer to use for disguise, that would be hats. For us, ordinary mortals, we use hats because they offer warmth and protection in the cold outdoors (save for the occasional we-don’t-want-to-be-seen-by-our-ex situations). But for the most part, hats are more than just headgear. They’re a standout accessory. Check out our top picks on the hottest hats this 2018. When it’s cold outside, hats are the perfect accessory. They’re functional, they serve a purpose (that is to keep our heads warm), and they’re a great fashion statement. In addition to its primary function of protecting our noggin, hats are a great embellishment. They’re a fashion detail and a great expression of oneself. Hats can range from berets to cowboy hats; from balaclavas to beanie hats. For Parisians and a handful of celebrities, the beret is a coveted head adornment. It’s usually worn from morning to night. For cowboys (and cowgirls), there’s the cowboy hat. It’s big, and it makes a bold statement. A balaclava is commonly known as a ski mask. Designed to cover the face, the headgear is common in outdoor winter sports activities like snowboarding and skiing. It’s popular among bicyclists and motorcyclists too. The wearer has the option to roll it up into a headgear. On the other hand, beanie hats are a variation of balaclavas. They’re designed for cold weather wear and popular among seamen, hunters, fishers, and other outdoorsmen. But rising trend of them all are baseball caps. Drake wears one. Wiz Khalifa was spotted with it. It graced the heads of Jay-Z and Kanye too. The Hottest Hats to Watch in 2018 If there’s a fashion item that saw more highs and lows than a lowrider with impressive hydraulics, it’s the baseball cap. From the teenagers of [Read More…]

Trending Clothing of Today’s Hottest Hip-Hop Artists and Best Rappers

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Looking good can make you feel good. Which is why for fashionheads, wearing a new outfit for the first time brings out good emotions. It’s a special event of sorts, really. So if you’re looking for the go-to website for the latest trending clothing of today’s hottest rappers and hip-hop artists, this is it. The world of music often intersects with the world of fashion. Take the rap and hip-hop industry for instance. Look at how the hottest stars don the stylish pieces to complete an awesome outfit. And even if they only wear a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, they don’t look too shabby at all. In fact, they look fresh. True to the culture of hip-hop, it’s all about being fresh. And being fresh is what many of today’s hottest hip-hop and rap artists get the popularity and admiration. In any hip-hop situation, it’s important to stay up to par with the latest trending clothing. Or else, lose your fly and swag. Popping a few tags is one of the best feelings for a fashionhead. It’s undeniable. Looking good also means feeling good. So if you want to go from shabby to stylish, from tacky to dapper, we’ve listed the best trending clothing. And if you happen to love hip-hop and rap music, you’ll love this selection of brands that captivated the biggest names in the industry. Best Dressed Hip-Hop Artists and Their Trending Clothing Line Some people may call it flamboyance; others call it materialism. But that’s the power and importance of branding. Hip-hop and rap stars don’t just dress to impress; they do it package themselves as well. Their music isn’t just the product. Their act isn’t the only thing they’re selling. They are the product too! Since the earliest recordings of rap and hip-hop [Read More…]