[DOUBLE IMPACT] The Good the Bad & the UGLY by CROW42

March 28, 2016 0

{R.I.P} Malik Boyce Taylor (aka) Phife 11/20/70-3/22/16 25 years after Sheldon Lettich action film of the same title. The U.R.L is back with its latest offering “DOUBLE IMPACT” (no Van Damm needed) The 1st mega event of 2016 is built around the tag team combo concept that has built up momentum over the last year. This particular event is dedicated entirely to tag team warfare. (Smack says he wants 2 to do these kind of events @ least once a year) The 2 on 2’s were actually booked well here and we get some surprisingly GOOD results despite the fuckery @ the end. As in life there are GOOD times There are BAD times With Hoffa saying Verb saved a pic of Rex’s dick on his phone and Kshine rushing Tay Roc only to raise his dukes up like a 1st grader. U just knew shit had to get UGLY………… THE GOOD -SHOUT OUTS •Smack White, Beasly , Chico, Norbes and the entire U.R.L organization for pulling off a GOOD event. •Every battlerapper on the card and in the building. •The 5 Boroughs of NYC •Battlerap Chris who was putting in that work (salutes) •OTBVA.COM -DETROIT POINEERS BAKING CAKES (It’s funny how @ this event) Over the hill legends literally put the youth under the hill. Props 2 Marv&Quest for reminding the battlerap world, that legends are still alive and not 2 be fucked with. -THE DARKSIDE OF THE BLOUQE Amazing showing by the team of Top&Brizz @ this event. The state of North Carolina must be smiling @ them taking the W here. (GOOD angles , chemistry and nameflips sealed the deal) -HE ATE! (Hoffa ate something) That wasn’t the only GOOD thing. Hoffa URL return had him teaming with Tez against his greatest adversaries. (It brought the best [Read More…]


March 27, 2016 0

Chess & Steams(Cakes Up) vs Marv Won & Quest Mcody Introductions https://www.instagram.com/p/BDbYhjVM…-by=smackwhite https://www.instagram.com/p/BDbYlmms…-by=smackwhite ————————————ROUND 1———————————- We got the weakest niggas on the card-Steams I no longer get held up by chess like high school bullies-Steams pulling his own collar up How you wanna leave em dead for the bread? Pump a nickel! – cakes Chess and Steams just locked arms back to back and spun like a tornado WHAT?! Chess just fell to the floor. “Translation? His chest drop!” Quest “I THINK THAT STAR WARS THEMES IS COOOOL” Let’s be honest Chess, you’ll NEVER eat MY food -Marv If my K shined on you, you wouldn’t have pushed it back! -Marv & Quest Guarantee I fix your face. Chopper in my pants, got me walking like I had my hip replaced! -Marv Just cause we put you in the trunk don’t mean we wheel spare you – Quest Crazy how two niggas from OVER the hill gon put you UNDER the ground – Marv and Quest closer ————————————–ROUND 2—————————– We the only 2 niggas on the card battling FOUR people. We both let it go, like mature people -Chess Point at her with uz’ (ooh’s) like when kids say a curse -Steams Fat nigga with a butt stomach, with ya frontin ass -Cakes Your beard stinks, only nigga I know with a must-stache -Steams Edited movies, I clean screens, arms behind his head while he choking, that’s Hulk Hogan and Mean Jean (sp?) -Chess Pull your pants up lil nigga, ya look dirty. How old is he? 18? He look thirty! -Marv & Quest to Chess I don’t tap pockets with my shotgun – I catch bodies with it-Marv Quest going at smack for why he’s not on URL Play me nigga, you’ll get an original smack like shea Davis! [Read More…]


March 26, 2016 0

Live battle updates and results will be posted here throughout the event. After the event, we will have recaps and spoilers for all battles.   CLICK HERE TO SEE LIVE UPDATES FOR DOUBLE IMPACT