When It Comes To Headphones This is Everything

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  • When It Comes To Headphones This is Everything

    As I inspiring producer myself, there is so many headphones to choose from and if one does not have a degree in sonic engineering or is a dedicated audiophile/ enthusiast you may be lost and overwhelmed with what to buy, from whom and why. Your friends at OTBVA have reached out to industry insiders and research analysts that specialized in such fields and pulled from their resources everything that you need to know and look for in purchasing headphones.

    I can vouch for several of these models in the articles below(I own approximately 5 of them). Truth be told you really want more than one pair for different uses/roles in your life, if possible.

    Click the links below, check out the articles and you will learn a wealth of knowledge and gain insight. Also if you choose one the featured models from there, you will benefit greatly and get the best price possible due to our relationships directly with the manufactures themselves. This is our gift to you, our loyal members of this site as a thank you.




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    WOW thanks a lot Justice

    Gonna defiantly read the whole article right now and browse


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      Oh my gosh this is sooo fantastic

      Bout to order two of them, can wait for them to arrive.


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        Originally posted by billybobjoe
        i cosign ihigh,Brazil is a shit hole


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          Most of those headphones look pretty good from the $50, $100 lists. The Audio Technica's aren't bad.
          You got it ass backwards, bitch. Smile when I move past you.


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