ARP is just another Culture Vulture.

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  • ARP is just another Culture Vulture.

    First off:

    Verb vs Mook was weak.

    RBE is like a worse bootleg league version of Udubb.....atleast we respect Arsonal....We still don't know who this weirdo ARP is....he always want to attach his name to the MOST RESPECTED LEAGUE.

    I am tired of battle fans that keep propping up these culture vultures.

    ARP is doing nothing, but taking from the culture. Yall remember when he had his OWN crew of URL Rejects as his main battlers?

    Well what happen? Ahdi Boom nowhere to be found, Ooops battling on KOTD, Showoff ain't getting booked, Jimz not getting booked and J murda aint either.

    How do you have your biggest card and none of the battlers you claimed as your family are apart of it?

    Why are you trying to contact people specifically under URL contract?

    How is your league the most trendsetting?

    You can copy the format, but you can't copy respect.

    Also dying at Mook vs Verb taking 3 months to sell out a 100 people venue.

    Hold this L ARP.....You are not going to top what Battle America, UW, KOTD, Total Slaughter and so forth did and all of them lost to URL.

    Originally posted by I AM GAY
    I lie all the time. It feels good.

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    What a wierdo ass groupie bitch


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      mook is trash


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        at least they're not Gorilla Warfare


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          big zero just embarrassed all u groupies



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