What happened to Surf?

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  • What happened to Surf?

    Not tryna be on some goofy conspiracy theory shit but, WOW Surf really went the post-prison Gucci clone route. The jail gains are one thing (out here looking like Calicoe brother) but he's making weirdo moves, showing substances on cam, not washing his hands after pissing & farting on the same livestream? Lmao please do y'all best to convince me there's any hope for him if he battles Nitty on Nome 8. I'm genuinely worried about dude, no cap


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    wait you wash your hands after you fart?


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      "I'm genuinely worried about dude"
      Originally posted by Chaunce;n3231571

      Site gets fixed end of this week or next btw.


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        Nigga done forget about Dirty Surf. Ain't nothing new bih.


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          Nitty better bring a gas mask to the battle.


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            Surf fell off.
            But he still can rap when he want to. Basically when he's focused and properly prepairs...
            Still think he could wash Mook, unless son chokes and comes off really medicore in his performance like did vs Verb (Jerz). When Surf's bad- he's REALLY bad.

            But he needs to have a good come back. Needs to be on URL too.

            Con vs Surf is low key one of the most classic battles within the culture that never really seems to get old. At least to me.


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