Geechi Gotti Round 3 Vs JC in TEXT form. SPOILERS.

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  • Geechi Gotti Round 3 Vs JC in TEXT form. SPOILERS.

    Geechi 2-1, I thought. JC super lyrical, but lyricism alone just cant win battles I dont think.
    Geechi shit way simpler, way easier to digest. And yet somehow more impactful imo.
    I liked Geechi rd 3 the best. The real life shit. Just gun bars can get boring.

    Geechi Gotti Round 3

    I got him. I got him.
    Hold it down, hold it down.


    What do you know about sitting in cells?
    Praying that you could get that time back?
    Niggas out there gambling with they life
    Shooting dice on the same corner where niggas died at
    Where I’m at
    Niggas get arrested more than they get their kids
    Every battle I tell y’all
    Most these niggas die before they get to live

    See I didn’t just always want to be no gangster
    I was just another lost nigga
    But if my Cal loaded
    You gonn’ get this work
    And end up on a shirt
    Im gonn’ give him the large picture
    This nigga JC aint no gangster
    He just another SOFT. NIGGA.

    Now the first time my nigga got hit up
    He wasn’t even strapped
    They stapled him all the way from his belly button to his nipple
    See they gave my nigga a zipper
    Had him looking like a human suitcase
    That’s a fact
    But it’s crazy.
    Cuz that nigga started packing everyday after that

    It’s deeper than rap
    I’m from a messy hood
    It’s no respect. Even at a funeral
    We get to clapping in the church
    Like the message good

    (Off the cuff to the audience: Tomorrow Sunday. Y’all go to church nigga. Have that message)

    Closed casket.
    That’s how you know that we smoke
    Show up to the funeral to catch the body
    It aint the Holy Ghost.

    Bro imma loc
    So if this supposed to be my big shot
    You know I’m gonn’ take it
    This battle rapping shit is just like the industry
    Cuz I done seen a gang of niggas get one shot
    And don’t make it nigga.
    Bro face it.
    My lifestyle just like any other rapper.
    You just gotta listen to how I fucking sound.
    See cuz most of my niggas got a bad deal
    Or they underground

    You a fucking clown.
    I don’t listen to nothing this fruit say.
    I’ve been to all funerals. No weddings.
    Only time niggas threw flowers over a body
    They weren’t tossing a bouquet.

    This aint no love story.
    We used to really pull and kick doors.
    See I know the streets glad that we stopped
    Cuz one time this nigga was selling weight
    We ran in his spot and on the way out
    I noticed the nigga mama.
    Im like fuck it cuh, we outta here
    Look at all the cash that we got
    My niggas said Nah. There ain’t no witnesses.
    Code word: Single parent household.
    Mom had to be pop

    I was young and thugging
    Little nigga was bad as fuck
    When I got shot, I wasn’t even worried about death.
    I just kept thinking
    I know my mama finna be mad as fuck
    I was supposed to been home
    Instead I was in the trap with them oldheads.
    Shaving rocks.
    Looking like Martin Lawrence cleaning the cornbread.

    This real life.
    Word to Ray Gibson.
    The K kickin.
    Hit a nigga up.
    And got him screamin loud, boy,
    Like Dre Denis.

    Look. I used to hold the strap sideways.
    I wasn’t feelin it.
    Now it’s both hands on the handle.
    Im double dribbling. (Gotta watch how he holds his gun)

    Im not playin.
    This a gangster versus a pen.
    A lot of niggas went thru this.
    The only niggas glorifying the pen
    Ain’t never been through shit.

    My family thought I coulda been a doctor or a lawyer.
    I just never had those dreams.
    My granny think I’m in school for computers right now.
    Told her I’ve been learning about Macs and keys.

    Im about that action.
    Headshot. Leave him leaking with the fat face.
    His brain die before the rest of the body.
    His legs was still jumpin in the back like a sack race

    Im past straight.
    You can try to hate it.
    Grab a banana and peel on his head
    Like he violated.

    Nigga im about that damn action.
    The cans blasting.
    I done dropped more mother fuckers
    Than Sam Jackson.

    Now this gangbanging in battle rap
    This shit show more love than hating to me.
    Cuz I aint even Blood.
    But all these niggas relating to me.

    All I talk is street shit.
    What can lil man teach me.
    We in the south. This Carolina.
    They shoulda told you.
    Only a real nigga can understand Geechee. (This is worth Googling imo)

    And when it’s real. Yall can tell.
    Yall can see it in his eyes.
    Go ahead nigga.
    See if you can make niggas believe them lies.
    Nigga time!

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    dope, many props for the post


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